Tuesday, November 24, 2009

You want me to find WHO?

So, I just watched Find M* Fam*ly.

Did anyone else see it?

I am not really sure about this show. Not only the fact they were in Brookfield and it looked like a ho-dunk farm town. I am sitting in Brookfield as I type. I can't tell you where one farm is.

I had troubles when the host said to the birth parents of Jennie... "you have a grandchild!"
And then to the birth parents children... "you are aunts and uncles!" I was thinking-- wait.. they JUST MET. It takes a lot to make a family...

Perhaps I am being a bit harsh? It was good, though- that at the end, Jennie said.. "well, I don't know where this is going".. and I thought it was nice that Jennies mom would tuck her in and they would say 'thank you' for bringing Jennie to their family.

It kind of just pushed the adopted parents out of the picture.

I dunno.


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Jude said...

The Wife watched it, I was rocking with my itunes. The whole idea, I wasn't sure if I'd like it. Where's the next reality show going to take us? I'm reality-out for TV.