Thursday, July 30, 2009

Casey has agreed to be on a show

about addictions... she doesn't know that she will soon face her own intervention.


My name is Casey


* cue creepy intervention/obsession 'tinking music'*

and I am addicted to "Yearbook Yourself"

Except not for me, but for the rest of my friends.

*looks away from the camera*

then I post them on Facebook...

*looks down in shame... as the camera cuts away to a poster full of pictures from
throughout her life*

I just don't know how to stop...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

To make her happy....

My gal has simple tastes... I am the most complicated, complex thing that is in her life. AAAAaANNDDD I am pretty sure that will EVER be in her life.. minus the someday kid going through his/her teens. That is going to be tough.

Little things make her happy.

Like camping.

In the time that we have been together, we have never gone camping by ourselves. We have gone in the "little sister role" which is when I go with my siblings and they still view me as 17, so they feel as if they have to take care of everything.. *exhale* so Mic and I drink with my bro-in-laws.

Not quite camping.

But now, I have taken it upon myself to book two glorious (freezing) nights in September at the very extravagant (ahyeah) Lake Kegonsa State Park ... in Stoughton (just south of Madison-- the capital of Wisconsin). Don't worry, peeps. There is electric hook up to blow up the air mattress.

Fun will be had by two.

I am working on the itinerary....

Friday evening...

Immediately spray bug spray.. unless it is too cold for bugs and in that case, put on an extra layer of clothing.

set up tent - swear to god that if there is one spider in it, that I am sleeping in the car, sweep it out, and douse it with bug spray.
start fire
drink rum
Toast Marshmallows.

Saturday morning...
Wake up trying not to think about how f-ing bad I have to pee and then realize it isn't going away, strip from the waste down, and pee in the woods.

laugh at the steam the pee is creating

Get pissed about the piss on my foot.

run back into tent, sleep until it is impossible to sleep anymore

*random fun camping things.. reading.. sleeping.. hiking.. biking.. making out in the woods..*

Dinner-- pizza pudgy pies, desert pudgy pies, and rum

...... repeat for one more day......

fight off crankiness....

go home and shower.


All that for a happy girlfriend.

I think she will enjoy it. Unless it rains, then I am screwed.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Have you ever

Wanted to get in touch with someone from your past.... not for anything that would get you in trouble.. just for scuz.

I, like the true geek I am, used to hang out on this "talker" called Paradox. it was a social network that was almost amish. It was in dos. yeah. it was. black screen and all.

Anywho.. I had a lot of "friends" there.... all but one (who broke my friends heart about a mile up the road) I have completely lost track of.

I am a nosey woman. I can't help it, and I want to know where they are today.

I have a tendency to obsess.

How far do I dig?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend wrap up.

Goooooood WEEKEND!

Saw Nonny and her kids, Finn, Fiona and Alexa. We hung, and I made Fiona laugh.. she has a GREAT laugh. Finn played my guitar like a rock star, asked a lot of random questions and he seemed to be okay with the random answers I gave him. I think the last time I saw Alexa she was about 7.. suddenly she is 13 and like.. teenage model... 5 ft. 7 inches.. it is WEIRD.

Saturday went to a big ol' lesbo party at Patty and Pats.. it was FUN!!!! We had a lot of laughs, and, against better judgement, we were the last to leave. I HATE being the last to leave.. I don't want to be "those" people... I think you all know a couple of them. When you host a party, and at the end, you are cross eyed and exhausted, and are trying to figure out how to get the last two out of your damn house.....yeah. that's us. (or at least this one time)

Sunday I drove from Milwaukee to Oconomowoc to Milwaukee to West Milwaukee to Brookfield to Milwaukee. I am exhausted and full... and I have about 5 loads of laundry to do.

So- peace- and ew, tomorrow is Monday.

oh.. before I sign off.. I am so flippin' proud of my sister, Megan-- this is her baby.. http://www. lake park fit ness . com /

Thursday, July 16, 2009


He has been with his family for a while, but because nothing is easy it has taken a while to become a legal member of the H-B family. Hang on Carter.. your Mama and Ima have biiiiigggg plans for you!

Go on over and see his adorable mug!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Prided out.

We gathered our belongings and our dog, Cosmo, and headed up to Pride Alive in Green Bay (yannoo. .Brett Favre (dumbass) and the Packers) --- if you hold your left hand up as if you were doing the international sign for STOP (also the way we Wisconsinites explain to out-of-staters where we live within the state of Wisconsin...), Green Bay is in the crotch of your thumb and pointer finger. Which is ironic, as the town can be described that way as well... a blechy crotch of a town.

Thank goodness, though, there are some nice gay folk who throw up some tents, get some beer, and call it Pride Alive. Truth be told, it is a GREAT event. It is in a park-- so no admission... beers were only $2.00...and you could easily have walked in with your own drinks. We brought chairs, and sunscreen and enjoyed the entertainment...

Mo found some random hoola-hoops (don't ask-- I don't know) ... and decided to give one a spin.
As he was making dumb faces.. and I was cracking up and taking pictures... I noticed something even weirder in the background...

Friday, July 10, 2009

spur of the moment


We are heading up to Pride Alive in Green Bay tomorrow..

should be a fun weekend!

CIW... out.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


I have informed everyone I know (who probably already knew..but oh well) about the domestic partnership rigamarole in Wisconsin starting August 3rd.. I am all psyched.. we need to get new outfits.. we should send out something to our family informing them.. make it special...take crooked pictures.. whatever it takes to make my girl feel special.. and for me to feel like I am kinda sorta gettin' hitched.


who had to go and get a new job that she can't take a day off from?

We wont be there the first day- but we will be there.

I hope someone I know gets their picture in the paper :) I hope they aren't wearing ass-less chaps.

Sadness and Blessings...

This really has nothing to do with me.. but with a woman we are working with here at the funeral home. I am beside myself with the strength and faith in her God that she has shown. I spoke with her a few months ago, she called and she explained her situation-- she was expecting.. though there were complications. "Baby Ray" (as she called him -- mom's middle name is Rae") did not have any kidneys, and there was no amniotic fluid. She was going to be carrying him as long as possible, and sharing as much time as she was allowed to. I have spoken and worked with her several times since... Jamie is the funeral director in charge-- and I am SO GLAD that she is.. she is doing an amazing job!

Here is the link to her Caring Bridge page... if you click at the top-- the "journal" part.. you can read her story. You may share a different point of view religiously -- but her story is one that I think needs to be shared. She is a brave woman and a loving mom.

This is one reason that I love my job-- I get to be in contact with these SUPER BRAVE people... there are so many stories... so many people have done amazing things in their lives. I am really honored and blessed to have known them- even for a bit.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

my friend

Anne needs some prayers and positive thoughts sent to her and her family tomorrow.

A family has already been created... not by laws, but by love. I ask the universe that tomorrow the scales tip in the direction of equality and fairness....not only for them, but that it opens the doors for many to come after them.

I adore that family, and I hope that soon we will be blessed with a family like theirs.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

New Traditions..

I have had the best 4th of July weekend EVER.

On Friday, Mic got a call from our friends Becky and Nora and they were down at the lakefront in Milwaukee-- they were there early in the morning and set up camp- and wanted to know if we would like to join them.

I panicked.


How would we get there? There are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE. What if I had a poogency (a poop emergency)??? Where would we park? What if we got robbed? Was it going to be loud? Were we going to be the oldest ones there? What if the bus is too full and we couldn't get back home? Do I bring drinks? Do I need to feed people? What if there is no toilet paper?

I am REALLY GOOD at going into this crazy "holy crap the world is going to end" mode if I am put in a situation that I don't know anything about- and that I don't have time to prepare for.

I took a breath, gathered my pansy ass up off the floor, and asked myself.. WWKG(pdi)D? Uh.. What Would Kate Gosslin (pre-divorce insanity) Do? She would get all those damn kids and just GO.

So. We did. We paid Rebecca 5 dollars to haul us down there so we could get let off near the art museum (the photo on my home page), met Becky, and went to their camp. I literally have never EVER seen anything like this. There were SO MANY PEOPLE (because on top of the fireworks, Milwaukee is right in the middle of the largest music festival in the country, Summerfest). And...weird... every family (or group) had their own "space". Apparently, people go down there before creation, and set out ropes, strings, caution tape, fence, flags, whatever they had on hand to stake out territory. Kind of like the historical land claim that happened in the western part of this county. EXCEPTIONS: no one was on horseback. .... I don't think in the land claim there were quite as many brats being grilled after being soaked in beer all day...or blenders hooked up to generators to make margaritas.

Anyways-- turns out that people go down, set up their crap... and LEAVE. Come back after work or whenever... and all their crap is still there .. UNTOUCHED. WHAT? I am cereal. There were tents, disco balls, volleyball courts... you name it. People were grilling, riding bikes, flying kites, just having a ton of fun.
(notice the string being used to claim our plot)

WE HAD SO MUCH FUN!!!! The fireworks were on TOP of us...and the show lasted about 45 minutes. We have already begun to plan next year. This is our new tradition. We have a name for our site.. and we are going to DO IT UP and invite everyone we know. I love traditions. I love having our own traditions.(Mic, Nora and Becky intensely enjoying)

Another tradition is that we go out to my Aunt Sharon's every 4th of July... they live on a little lake in Lake Country (west of Milwaukee) and the whole fam-damnly gathers. This time was super special as we turned it into a wedding shower for my cousin and his fiance, Mandy. She is a baby catcher, is totally awesome, and makes my cousin so crappin' happy. They rock. We had a cupcake decorating competition, and I made a lovey dovey one for Mic-- she ate it before we got a picture of it.. Mandy was the judge... she didn't seem to think that I made the grade, but she chose my niece.... she had a big old rainbow (total pride flag) and she won for "best diversity"...

(I am pouting... she ate it)

oh. this is my 150th post.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

New Day.

I have been feeling really negative lately. This isn't like me.

There really isn't a reason why as there is so much to celebrate.

New day.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Ode to Direct TV

Hey.. you.. DirectTV

You suck ass.

Take your "verbal contract" and shove it.


*snap*snap* *snap*

Wisconsin Domestic Partnership

So, over a year ago now, Wisconsin went through the whole vote banning the idea of there ever being a possibility of Equal Marriage (the straights didn't really understand at the time, they were also throwing in there any rights that straights get with a common law marriage- they voted against themselves. dumb asses) In actuality, they did some pretty crazy things by combining both gay domestic partnerships, gay marriage, and common law marriage all on one option (or anything resembling a domestic partnership/marriage). It was all or nothing. There is actually a lawsuit brewing about THAT by a father of a lesbian-- we should be hearing about that sometime this year.

Anywho-- Gov. Doyle just signed the budget- and in the budget he snuck in some Domestic Partnership laws for us homos! There isn't a LOT-- but it is something.. and even more exciting is that this happened with the laws on the books saying we can never have anything LIKE this. It seems to have been snuck in-- and it goes in effect in 30 days.... and you better believe that Mic and I are going to be at the clerk's office that same day. As a community we HAVE to file- we HAVe to show that we NEED these rights-- and, this is one stepping stone closer to equality!

So- in 30 days.. I will be DP'd. (I know that you can all insert your own little dirty joke here.)