Sunday, January 30, 2011

brandy and hula hooping

Many people have told Mic and I that we need to enjoy these days before we get placement, because then...everything changes.

I realized that when I kissed Mic goodnight and she got in a limo to hang out with her friends from work for the night, and I met some friends downtown for drinks and dinner to celebrate a birthday... then went to the birthday girls house for Wisconsin style Brandy Old Fashion Sweets, and some wii. Sidenote: BOFS's and wii hula hooping makes me wanna barf. Especially after taramisu ice cream and birthday cake.

We, separately, had such a great night! As much as I am looking forward to our family growing, I am making more of an effort to enjoy every moment that we are waiting.

Mic, though, really gave'r . She has been comatose on the couch all day (it is now 4pm) and when I woke her to ask her if she needed anything, she stated... "death... and a big mac".

Do people outside of northern Wisconsin say "gave'r" or "give'r"... as in.. tonight we are gonna give'r. ..meaning... party. ??

Okay. I have to go get a big mac for my love.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I love this morning

I only woke up a little over an hour ago and I am sitting at my desk at the little company that I work for (that happens to be a franchise). I pull up my emails and there is one from my boss who is at his "get away" home in La Quin+a, CA .. on some golf course... and in his email he asked "I am considering opening an office here... would anyone be interested in relocating."

Yes. oh yes. I love this morning.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Concentrate on the Good

I have easily fallen into this frame of mind that I haven't been able to find my way out of. Of course I feel happiness, but I am always one hallm@rk commercial away from tears. I read a facebook of a dear old friend- and she said this:

(just part of the posting)....meditate on the gloriousness of these complications in the positive ways they affect you. For example how the smile of a stranger can brighten your day or how the old man you held the door open for last week said thank you...

I had an Oprah moment. I sat still for a second and it clicked. THAT is what I have been missing.. I have been pushing all the little bits of happiness to the side, and I have fallen into the pity party pit of 1. A party pit of many is a grand time-- but when it is just lil ol' me... booorrriinnggg.

On my ride to work I decided I would concentrate on the smalls. The lil'bits. The simple smiles. And today, I have.

As a previous commenter said about her situation while waiting for her daughter: the wait was hard... but she was waiting for the best.

Happy list for today:
  • My dermatologist appointment went great, I got things removed that weren't supposed to be there and my new doc is hot in a hippy straight male sorta way...and I was given the all clear on my weird spots. Though, I felt like a geek sitting on his table with my bucket undies, my worst bra and a paper towel covering me and only one leg shaved because that is all I intended on showing him. He took it all in stride.
  • one of my closest friends made "the" appointment for her and her partner to start their family rolling. eeeeep!!!!!!! :)
  • Tomorrow I am ordering my rug hooking stand and I am going to the fabric store with my girls. Yeah. I get it. I am a granny. I love it!! :)
  • Plans for the weekend are solidified
  • Grandma B is going home from the hospital

Side note.. yanno when you get a twitch in your eye.. and you feel like everyone can see it- and you can't get it to go away. I have one in my left butt cheek. It has been there for 2 days... and it may drive me to the mental hospital.

Thank you all for sticking through this with me. xo

Monday, January 10, 2011


Nope. Nothing.

I am starting to take this all personally. The Universe pointed us in the direction of becoming foster to adopt parents... and now it has had us waiting since September.

My rose colored glasses are starting to fade, and my wonderful wiff is trying so hard to polish them up for me.

You don't have to stay it.. I know.. I KNOW that it will happen when it is right.. and those other babies were probably dulls-ville (and not the cutest- according to Mark). .. and just not our match.

The problem I am having is having faith that our caseworker is doing her job. But, with my craziness.. I don't want to question her because then we may end up even lower on the totem pole.

I have no control.

This weekend didn't make it any better that I was working a trade show ... the whole weekend... (do you know how many insane people just GO to random trade shows for free stuff.. it was like the freaking circus) you know how many parents with babies go to trade shows to escape the Wisconsin winters and walk in warm comfort? Lots. nono. LOTS AND LOTS.

It is OUR turn.

I am venting. I am not looking for sympathy. I am fine.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

bring it.

I am so ready for 2011. Not that 2010 was bad- because it wasn't at all.

Something that I didn't blog much about if at all is the friend drama that I am so happy to close a door on. Mic and I decided there were some "friends" that we had to step away from in order to go forward with growing our family. They were making decisions in their lives that were affecting our friends and, by association, could put us in a situation that would put a kabash on being foster parents. Obviously this has not been taken well. We knew that it wouldn't.

That is one wonderful thing to leave in 2010. A few other things to wave bye-bye to:

  • those stanky sandals that could walk on their own-- they are not going to see summer of 2011 RIP
  • our upstairs guest bedroom/Rebstar quarters
  • being a family of 2 women and a dog.
Blessings to everyone in the new year- I think this is going to be a good one!