Monday, November 16, 2009


when stuff like this happens..

Mic and I were walking through a large box store in the area... and I pointed out some super cute little kids doc martin-ish looking boots ...(bright colored and adorable)

and she said.. I would rather look at the little baby she went over, picked up her favorite pair, and moved them as if a baby was wearing them, running toward me.

Yesterday she said... "I read the top three boy's names for newborns.... our name isn't on the list"

It surprises me when she talks about our future with children, as she isn't someone who lives in the future... that is me. It means that she is thinking about it.... that makes me smile.

Rebecca, our housemate, has already been here 6 months! I can't believe it! There isn't a moment I regret the decision to have her move in with us.... she is truly a great friend.... it will be REALLY sad to see her go, but it will mean new doors opening.

Oh, and I wont allow her to move outside of the neighborhood. I am already stocking up wine for next summer on the deck. Winter can't come and go fast enough!


Amy said...

how sweet. I know how much that means to you!

jelly said...

aw, very nice.


CJ said...

What a sweet post. Love the reference to baby doc Martin type shoes. Very cute.