Thursday, July 29, 2010


new parent or preparing parent know of any good baby book appropriate for a baby with 2 moms and that was adopted?

(before I typed it, I thought "maybe I shouldn't ask, cuz then it wont happen, but we need to prepare for when it does, but what if it doesn't, then I will have a baby book")

(but I typed it anyways)

(man, I need a therapist.)


Edit- dearest m, thank you for your kind words... I should have clarified -- I mean a baby book that you paste stuff in and list things --- kinda like a scrap book :) xo

Monday, July 26, 2010

nooo jinxies!

I am so weird about the possibility of being jinxed. Donnn't SAY IT!!! DON'TSAYITORITWONT HAPPEN!!!

Well, lil ol' Brit got the ball rolling by telling us we are fine- we can tell- we can get excited. So, we have been FAR more open about talking about it-- telling-- yabba dabbing. We got together with friends for a fire to celebrate a new job- and their child, Mack, hugged Mic, crying..thanking her for giving her a "cousin" that she can be a role model for. Crying. CRYING. dear god. There wasn't a dry eye in the circle.

So, with that, our friend Rebecca has decided to throw us a baby shower. I was pretty adamant about telling her "no".... "we don't need about we have a celebration when we finally DO get a child... it could be months, YEARS!" Her reply was that we are loved, that people are excited for us and want to celebrate NOW. That people who are pregnant get to have showers, so should you guys!!!

I spoke to Mic about it, and decided that if people want to throw a celebration now, than we will let them! Every time we talk about it, we are in tears. How blessed are we to have a group of people who are as excited about having a child in their lives as WE are?!?!?!?

So, I hope this isn't going to jinx it, but our friends are throwing us a shower at the end of August!

I appreciate all of the input from my last post.... I love hearing all of the experiences other parents have had... it helps SO MUCH. The feedback from my email has been overwhelmingly sweet. I have gotten a TON of great information - and I am taking it all to heart!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

this made me cry

As I stated in my last update, I sent out a mass email and facebook message to all moms, dad and grandparents that I know looking for advice.....

This was my email to my peeps:

Mic and I are really excited to share some news and ask some advice from all of you lovely people...

As some of you may know, we are well on our way to becoming licensed foster parents with the intention of adopting a newborn baby! Per our social worker, we will be ready for licensing in September... We are trilled at this amazing direction our lives are taking.

We are believers of that old saying "it takes a village to raise a child", but we also believe it takes a village to raise good parents :) We both come from amazing, loving families, but lets face the facts, it has been a while since the W*@& family grandchildren have been babies, and this will be a first for the K@(#$ family! When you are actually preparing your home for a new member, it is a LOT different then being the "fun aunt".

That is where we need help. We need ADVICE! We have walked in big box stores looking for baby items, became completely overwhelmed, and walked out. Where do we start? What do we do? What we really need to know from you parents and grandparents, what was an absolute need for a baby, and what is a big waste of money? What is the very best advice you can pass along to new parents?

We know there are some of you in the bunch that love to give advice, and this time we will really listen :)

Thanks in advance!

Love and peace,

Casey and Mic

I have received the NICEST emails, and they all have made me tear up and feel so loved...I plan on saving all of them. I wasn't sure what kind of response I would get from my mom and dad, as, yanno, they are old school.. and well, as much as they love Mic, I am sure they have it in the back of their mind that I will, someday, meet the man of my dreams.

This is what I received from them:

Dear Casey and Mic

Your union is unique and Dad and I pray that your special gift from God will make your union complete.....A FAMILY....
The glue that will bind you together is LOVE...............
The two things that are not available in the big box stores but so IMPORTANT......
We know that the two of you will exhibit these qualities during this awesome time of parenthood.
1.Common sense
2.A good sense of humor

Everything else will fall into place.

We love you both


..... and I cried.....this is the first time they have said anything like this to me about the relationship that Mic and I share.

I love them. I am, once again, blessed.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

oh brit.

Another meeting tucked securely under our belts. If we wore them. Apparently fat people don't need them.

That is another rant for another day.

I think we got lil' ol' Brittany to crack a smile. She may be warming up to our quirky ways. Maybe.

Big news? oh yeah. It wont be October that we will be licensed in, it will be SEPTEMBER. Can I get an 0prah "hall-le-loo-yeerr"!!

I have gone into full on panic mode and have group emailed everyone I know that has ever been a parent asking for their advice... and I ask you the same.... What do we NEED? What is a big ol' waste of money? How do you even know which onsies to buy? THERE ARE A TRILLION!! What is the best brand of diapers? Now that the drop side crib crud has been discussed, what about the bumpers-- apparently those are like a big maxi pads ready to suck the life out of a child??? DEAR JEBUS... where in the world do we start????? Do we need one of those tacos???

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


We have one.

Apparently it is "too old fashioned looking" for Mic. I wasn't really sure what this meant, as I grew up in a house of "old fashioned". My mom was (is) an antique dealer. Come'on. Old is where it is AT, yo.

So, she has informed me that she wants a different one. I couldn't argue too much, as I have taken this decorating gig and have run with it. If she wants a crib, I am going to have to find one. Mission style. Yeow. Resale shops, here I come. I draw the line at (or prior to??) buying new, especially since we have a FREE CRIB in our garage.

Anyways... apparently there were some issues with cribs... the kind that the side lowers?? Like the kind that EVERYONE has had since the dawn of time...and now they make them solid, without a side that lowers. This is a complete newsflash to me.

I explained it to Mic...thankfully (or frighteningly) she was just as clueless as I. I asked how in the hell am I (typical 5'3 short armed pudgy girl) supposed to lower this kid into a crib that I would hardly be able to reach over??? She was lol-ing (for real) and said that I would have to wrap the child up like a burrito and get one of those grabber things that old people use to get cans of soup off of their top shelf....and lower the child in.

That was pretty funny.

It slipped my mind to share with my gentle readers that while Mic and I were visiting with my parents over the weekend, my mom gave me the my baby blanket my grandma knitted me, and my communion dress (which my mom made me). It was very thoughtful and was a definite sign that they are coming around to this idea. I looked at the dress and said, I hope we are able to get a girl, because this would look kind of silly on a boy. And my dad replied with a funny reference to "a boy named Sue".

I love my parents, and sometimes I don't give them enough credit.

Something I suppose I should get used to myself.

Monday, July 12, 2010


not much to report. This summer has already been flying by.

I don't think I have mentioned this before... at work there is another big ol' lesbian and she and her partner are having twins! It is really exciting to hear all the updates and find out what they are buying and all that fun stuff. In the beginning it was hard hearing about all the tummy movements, birthing classes and all that fun stuff.... now, though, I am over it. I like the fact that she is talking about all the yuck, too....the hemorrhoids, vomiting, doctor bills, expense etc etc. Suddenly I am fine with foster/adoption.

I need to get my camera going. I should do some before and after shots of the rooms upstairs, and all that fun stuff so I have something to share. That and the freaking garden is crazy! I wish you all were closer so I could pawn off some crazy reproducing zucchini and cucumbers

Edit: it may appear by this post that I say "fun stuff" 143 times a day. No. I don't. Sometimes my vocabulary matches that of at least a 6th grader. Shocking, I know.

Monday, July 5, 2010

smoosh it together, please.

She was here for just a tad over 45 minutes. Our next meeting is in two weeks. Apparently she doesn't know we have been waiting for this for a long time.

Can I ask her to kick it into high gear?


Friday, July 2, 2010

What the??!??!

I feel totally disconnected from my blogger and facebook world since I got a job that I actually have to WORK at. No longer am I cranking out my work as fast as I can, and have hours alone in the quiet... now it is gogogogogogooooo all the TIME. I am not complaining. Time goes really fast, the owners are SO appreciative of all of our hard work, and I do a job that I can not only make a lot of money doing, but it will change all the time. No longer death day in and day out. I haven't read the death notices since the day I left. It is actually quite freeing.... and there is not one single piece of gold furniture or over sized painting of a serene, calming scene in the whole damn office. Granted, I have to deal with some ghetto fabulous people... and when you read that 'ghetto', say it in your head more like... "GGHhhhheeettttOHHHHH" ... cuz lordy we gots'em here in M-town. And how!


And how.

My grandma used to say that. "Casey, the vinca vine in the backyard looks beautiful, and HOW!"

I think I am going to bring that back.

Anyways. ... it comes down to this: I would much rather deal with ghetto then death.

I am sure you are all on the edge of your seat waiting patiently for an update on how my "alone" time went with my Brittany. Well, it didn't. She had to cancel, and we are having a new meeting on Monday with Mic. So, thank the big'ol universe that I don't have to go over financials by myself. I was having poo-gency's everyday just THINKING about it!!!! So, I will have a NEW more FABULOUS update after Monday.

Other then those biggies, I have been super busy with a zillion other things and enjoying every moment. Tomorrow we are heading down to the lakefront for our annual firework extravaganza, and I am sure I will have pictures from that. I posted about it last year... it is so crazy to think how many people are down there.. our friend Nora went down THIS morning to rope off our plot and put up a tent. She hit gold when she found a good shade tree that is part of our land. It is kind of like farmville come alive, take away the farm animals, veggies, barns and replace them with brats, beer and fireworks!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend, start traditions and enjoy those that already are. We may not have all the rights in this country that we desire, but I have faith that someday we will... we are actually quite lucky, and how!