Tuesday, November 10, 2009

what is happening to kids today?

My co-workers and I were talking yesterday about the state of affairs.... and those god-damned kids.... trouble makers.. ALL OF THEM.


But, actually, we were having a pretty interesting little vent fest--- what IS happening to kids-- are they too spoiled, are parents too anxious to be their friends and not their mentors and authority figures? What happened to manners? Why are public schools scary places? What happened to listening to adults? What happened to worth ethic?

It seems like there are so many kids thrown to the wayside... not learning the basics... and then they are having kids and those kids are having kids... its a mad cycle.


I know I sound like a cranky no-kid 98 year old lady with a pie tin on her head, burying her uterus in her garden.... but I am not. I am a simple 36 year old woman... who will have a family in the next something or another--

I found this blog by surfing other blogs-- you know--it leads you to this blog- then that one.. and you can't remember how you got there-- yanno-- that vortex we all get swept into--


I love it.

Obviously it can be switched up-- mom/dad/daughters/sons...

Some are silly-- some are right on--- some are throw out-- But it is cute.


Jude said...

Parents need to teach the manners. I think thank you is a forgotten word in kids these days.

With all the electronic gizzmos and games most kids don't need to develop their imaginations anymore. Sad.

CJ said...

I love that site and you're right, kids these days are out of control. It makes me so nervous for MeMa to be in the mainstream, but I can't protect her forever.

My kids are always being told they are very polite and "good" kids. They better be...or I'll beat them! Kidding. Just kidding!

jelly said...

Hi! Thanks for the add and whatnot.
I agree parents really need to be proactive in their kids lives.
I like to know who my kids socialize with, what they do online, take an active part in helping with hw and projects.
I like them to know I am 'there'.

I like when my son is outside playing with friends, not in his room playing video games etc.
Fresh air does him good.

Amy said...

You know me. And what I have to deal with. Yep, I'm right there with you. And I TELL kids to say thank you to me. Even ones I don't know. If parents can't parent, I will. And let me tell you, the parents that suck ass are the first ones to get pissed when you correct their kid.

Mel's Way or No Way said...

Manners are severely lacking- but then I look at the parents and see the same problem.

One day I might snap at work and throw some kid's (or parent's) mp3 player or cell phone against the wall. I can dream, can't I?