Thursday, April 30, 2009

attention dog lovers!

He is an awesome dog. He is very very excited to be at our house. He is very friendly.. and ACTIVE. Cosmo doesn't know what the hell is going on, and is kind of walking around in a depressed haze. I hope that changes.. otherwise we may have to re-think this. I have a feeling it will be okay.

He is totally trained.. no issues.. and slept in his new crate like a champ.. he actually LOVES it.


In my fog of a "voicemail" for the social worker, I guess I left my email, too.

She emailed.

We are going to an orientation on the 19th.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Patience? nope. Don't know her.

I called.. and the social worker hasn't called back. Now I am freaking out... did I leave the correct phone number, or did I leave the Internet line that I ramble off at shoe stores and to random shop keepers on the rare occasion I hit the mall..... wait.. did I LEAVE a number AT ALL?

Anyone who has had read any of the previous drawn out, blubbering posts in this blog knows that I always say that God (Goddess, Higher Power, the Universe.. etc) has a plan for us..

I have been doing some soul searching over the last month, and I thought I would share some of my ideas here.

  • I was laying in bed recently thinking about the whole "kid thing"and I had a memory pop into my head from a time that I was in high school- I remembered it like I was there. I was standing with friends talking about our future.. and I said.. "Oh.. I will have a child.. but I don't think I will HAVE (as I made a gesture of something coming out of my vaj)"
  • I never got pregnant - and, TMI perhaps, I have been with a couple'a guys prior to dating women.. never then, either.
  • In my job, I have heard HORRID stories of women (and assisted families of said women) (that I wont go into) and things that have happened to them while pregnant, in childbirth, or soon after childbirth... and these were completely healthy women. I am not healthy.
  • There is an incredible women that I have in my life who is a foster mom, getting ready to adopt, and are an AMAZING source of information... and, their kids rock. For some reason she is still in my life,when she could have walked away many years ago... and I wouldn't have blamed her. (clarification- she is important to me far beyond just an information giver)
For the reasons above, and for many others (I am a GREAT list maker.. I wont make you suffer) I think this foster gig is the natural thing to happen.

Now, like a hormonal teenager, I can't help but thinking.... do I call again? Will I seem like a total stalker? Do I wait for her to call me? Should I have kissed her right on the lips? ha ;)

Oh- and foster dog Jack comes tomorrow.. he has a clear-ish bill of health, and I have a feeling he will only be in our home for a short time before he goes to his "forever family" he is SUPER CUTE!!!


Michelle has given me the a-okay to call the social worker for foster/adoption information.

It was done 2.12 seconds after she got the sentence out.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Its Sunday? Already?

Despite my pitiful previous post (say that 5 times) - I had a really nice weekend. Mic and I went to Bay View for our Saturday morning yoga... very enjoyable! Followed by some bumming around- and then off to see Sunshine Cleaning (it was pretty good) and out to dinner up the road at Fiesta Garibaldi. Today we drove up to Appleton for my nephew's First Communion. I had a great time with my whole fam damly and we then went over to my sisters club- Lake Park Swim and Fitness (after hours) so we had the whole club (it is a HUGE and BEAUTIFUL facility) to ourselves.. and were able to swim and hot tub and it rocked! It is 11:00 and we just got home. I am exhausted, and going to bed with a smile on my face.

I am going to send an email out to Anne tomorrow- as Mic and I have questions we need answered about the foster to adopt program

Friday, April 24, 2009

of course.

everything has changed.

Anne is tired and has a lot of stuff on her plate and accidently gave me the wrong date for babysitting.

Jack- the dog wont be in our house until next week- he has a spot on his skin and they don't know what it is-- so they are going to get it checked before we are going to bring him home until he is adopted.

I was really looking forward to babysitting. A LOT.
I was really looking forward to helping a dog..

so. this sucks.


whew.. made it.

First off, congrats to Those two Daddies on the arrival of their beautiful baby girl!!! How exciting- they are going to make great dads!

I am so glad that this week is over with. This holding pattern that I/we are in is making me feel a little looney bins. I have been forcing myself to just go do stuff. I went to a seminar on how to become a Realtor (I know. You dont' have to say it.) I had zumba (LOVED IT.), and have found every reason to crawl up and not talk to anyone if not needed. I just keep thinking-- if *I* am feeling like this, Mic has got to be feeling like a log. Though- she has been hiding it well.. and is keeping herself super busy during the day.

I am looking forward to tonight when we get the foster dog. Tomorrow we are babysitting for two adorable kids... and I hope we can play outside and tire them out completely so their moms will have an easy night when they get home and on Sunday we are heading up to Appleton for my nephew's first communion.

So- for anyone on the weight loss journey like I am, I highly recommend Zumba. I had SUCH a great time, and it is FUN.... you almost forget you are working out. I was really nervous and felt self conscious when I was on my way in-- and then I realized that there were women of ALL sizes.. bigger than me.. smaller then me.. older and younger... and the leader was this aawwweessommmeee woman who was hilarious! I just kept thinking-- this is like.. ghetto-fab zumba (through the city rec) I can't imagine how much fun it would be in a real class in a fitness club.. my sisters club up north (Lake Park Swim and Fitness in the Fox Valley) has a studio for Zumba.. and they have like.. disco lights.. and they CRANK the music and it is like a party. THAT would be great!!!

Have a good weekend....

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I was just given a $75.00 gift certificate for a great Mexican restaurant downtown for Administrative Professional day... that was SO NICE of them!!!! I may work for some odd people.. but at least they are thoughtful odd people.

Of course I cried, as she added... take Mic, she could use some margaritas..

how true.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The first Saturday of many.

We had our first session of Big Biznizz Yoga today. Fact #1: I am fat. There is no way around that. I am trying to do something about it, and I bless all the people that were in that class today with Mic and I. Fact #2: There are some pretty big flexible people in this city. I walked in there thinking. Well.. at least I wont feel out of place. Coming from the least flexible family in the Midwest, I will be in a room of big people that, I understand, WONT be as inflexible as I, but-- taking all things into consideration..wont be like, Bob on the Biggest Loser in terms of flexibility.

I have never seen so many big people twist themselves into a pretzel while laying on their back.. EVER.

I felt like Stretch Armstrong but filled with concrete instead of jelly.

We will go back, though. I wont give up.

And ZUMBA starts on Wednesday. THAT is going to be one for the record books. My goal is to jiggle away the fat. My next goal: to find someone to carry me on their back while they run.

OH! Boston Terrier Foster update #1: We are getting a 5 year old foster named Jack next weekend! He belonged to a nice old couple who totally loved him.. but, unfortunately, they are moving into an apartment, and can't take Jack with them. So, he is coming to our home until we find him a forever family :)

I will post pictures!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kids and cell phones.

I know I talk about Oprah far too often in this damn blog. And today is no different.

I just watched the episode that DVR'd today. It was about kids on the internet.. or with cell phones.. and becoming prey... and all of the horrible things that can happen to them.

So. I feel HORRIBLE (to say the least) for the families and the teens that are abused....

Here is the thing, though.

Why the HELL are teens still having computers in their rooms? Why in the HELL are kids getting cell phones?

I can understand why the kid would need access to the computer... for school... for emailing certain people. Outside of that, forget it. In a private room? NO WAY.

I never had a cell phone. None of my friends had cell phones. We didn't text.. we had *gasp* a home phone. We are just fine.

Nothing but trouble can come from parents trusting their kids too much. It doesn't matter how "wonderful" your kid is... they get brain washed, talked into situations you warned them about... then terrible things happen.


When are parents going to wake up?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

watch it!.

no matter how great the day is.. if I am pmsing.. I am a total bear.

There is no such thing as a diet on holidays. CORRECT????

I don't want to go to work tomorrow.. I just want a day that I can sleep in, be by myself, go to the library and get to do my putzing that I love so much--- and haven't been able to do in too long.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and was able to spend time with friends and family!

Christ has risen- he certainly has! (I learned that at mass today when I forced Mic to go to make her parents happy.. sometimes it isn't what you want, or believe, or anything like that-- you do it for others, open your mind.. and get something -- even the most basic thing out of your experience)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

good stuff...

Mic has had two phone interviews in the last two days, and has one physical interview on Monday.

How, you ask? Networking is who you know... not what you know, that gets peoples attention. And, luckily, she is like the gay mayor.

Also, I have been feeling like I have a touch of the walking crud. Benefit to that you ask? 2.4 lbs down at the Dub tonight.

I got a sticker for over 10lbs lost. I have it proudly displayed... but not too proudly, as I am one step away from needing a 12 step program for this crazy food addiction.

Holler, y'all....

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

what is that funny ringing sound?

Well.. Blonde Ambition had another "-ism" today (Ambition-ism)

I am sitting in my nice and quiet office...everyone else is gone on funerals. BA works in her office in the basement. The fax machine begins to ring.. and we receive a fax.. as the 1st one is coming through.. the machine starts ringing again... which is normal, as it obviously can't receive two faxes at once.

I am used to the sound.. I don't really even "hear" it anymore...

Suddenly, she comes BOLTING down the hall... runs past my desk.... in full BA fashion.. heels clacking, blonde hair flying.. runs to the fax machine in a panic and picks up the reciever... "HELLO?? HELLO?? HELLLOOOO?????"

I bite my lip as I realize what she is doing...

and say.. "BA, that is the fax machine.. its ringing because we are getting a fax"

"oh" she says..

and shuffles off in the other direction.

I can't wait until someone comes back from a funeral so I can tell them about it. We are keeping a book.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Last night Mic and I went to a Wildtree meeting at a local pizza place... for some training and an idea exchange. There are only 2200 WT Reps in the COUNTRY. There are 15 THOUSAND Mary Kay reps in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area ALONE.

About a mile down the road lives Saynara Brown. She makes over $24,000.00 a month with WT. She has been doing this for under 2 years. She made over $150,000.00 her first year. Lelia, the woman Mic and I signed up under- when we knew nothing about this company- we just loved the product, and it was a DEAL.... makes just under $3000.00 a month- and she averages 2 shows a week.


I could run into Saynara at the grocery store. She is just a regular lady. Hot. But regular.

We have only done 3 parties (about 1.5 hours each) and had FUN doing them. No lie. And we have made over $400.00. Which, doesn't sound like a lot - but that is $400 for socializing and drinking wine with our friends. We were not SELLING anything. The stuff sells itself.

What we learned last night: get off our butts, put 2% of effort into this business and we could make a shit load of money and get a trip to the Dominican Republic.

SAWEET. Mic has a list of 10 people to call today to set up party dates. We know these people want to do it already - we just need to get dates set up for them.


Monday, April 6, 2009


In an interesting turn of events the idea of becoming foster parents to humans (not only puppies) has become a conversation.

Nothing RIGHT NOW.. but, future.

That would make me VERY happy.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

9 year old birthday parties.

Mic was nervous, I could tell. It would be the first time she was going to see a chunk of her friends all together- and none of them knew she lost her job. See, she has been hiding in the house for the last 5 days.


she finally showered.


She has never had to deal with anything like this EVER.

Mic and I are VERY different people. I say- HELL! What a PERFECT time to be on unemployment! It is spring! There is so much to do outside, find a fun bar tending job for tips.. whatev-- you deserve time off! Enjoy! Set up the hammock! Take walks! Take Cosmo to the dog park Etc..etc..etc..... She says - I am a loser. I feel rejected. I will never find a job. I suck.

I understand why she is feeling this way. I have been doing everything I can to keep her spirits up, give her hope, help her put this all in perspective.. it has been helping, little by little.

So, we get to the bowling alley where the birthday party is taking place. We see some friends.. and join them. Erica mentions something about Wildtree.. and our day jobs... Michelle tells her she doesn't HAVE a day job anylonger... Erica looks at her stunned and says... "neither do I, they laid me off last Thursday"... it was like a sisterhood was created. You could see the relief on their faces.. they had this one thing in common that so many people didn't really "get".

You could see the the tension being released out of Mic's shoulders. She and Erica exchanged numbers, and they have decided that Mic will watch her little ones while Erica gets out of the house. It will give them both something to do.


Everything will be OKAY.

Pridefest update # 3. Debroah Cox and The Roots are coming on Sunday. No idea. I am not even going to pretend on this one.

Tomorrow is a day full of hockey-- I am really looking forward to it!!!!