Wednesday, November 18, 2009


from CJ over at Don't Lick the Ferrets.

Because I feel as if I am entering a pms related funk. Step away from the bloated girl with a big zit on her nose... she might eat you if you at all resemble a Reese's peanut butter cup.

Outside my window is a parking lot full of little hippy landscaper workers all bundled up in winter gear decorating the building of my employment.

I am thinking about microderm abrasion and laser hair removal.

I am thankful for every moment. They are all blessings... even the kinda shitty ones. Literally.

I am wearing trouser socks that are too tight. Don't worry- I have clothes on too... the usual.. grey and black. That seems to be what my wardrobe consists of.

I am remembering today has been a road down memory lane for me... thinking about past relationships, old friends, times gone by.. thinking about the different places and situations my life has ended up in.

I am reading Jillian Michaels "Mastering Your Metabolism" VERY interesting.. but I am ready for some mushy love story.

On my mind "its 2:22...sonofa.... it's ONLY TWO TWENTY TWO. Should I even HAVE lunch now? I wonder how long microderm abrasion takes? Probably not as long as this meme"

Pondering these words How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours. – Wayne Dyer (from Dyke Evolutions blog) I dig it.

From the kitchen what? What from the kitchen? I don't get this one.. From the Kitchen I am imagining that hot Latino doctor from Grey's Anatomy bringing me my lunch? hm.

Around the house is lots of love... and laughter.... and dog hair.

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CJ said...

I love the last one! Love, laughter and dog hair! What else is there?!?