Monday, August 23, 2010

tick. tick. tick.

n the beginning of this process I really felt like Brittany could care less about us and our journey to become a family. I am trying to change my tune. I have to have faith that she has our best interest at heart. Tonight was our "tying up of loose ends" night. Tonight she was in our home for about 20 minutes. These are the nights that I struggle. Why can't we extend them, why cant this process that is so intrusive (for good reason, I understand) why can't it be just a big more quick? Our final walk through has now been set back to the 8th of September. One week later then expected. At this point, as much as I was kind of pissy-- it is one week. It will actually be nice to have a bit of extra time. Exciting news-- this baby will be welcomed into (if by good thoughts only-- hugs and kisses will be down the road a bit, of course) by all of it's new aunts and uncles this weekend. Our friends Rebecca and Nora are throwing a shower for Mic and I, with help from Amy, Mo, Greg, Angie and Rebs. I am nervous. I am nervous that people will be gathering for us. To celebrate something that hasn't happened yet. For something that is out of our control.... and may take ....well who KNOWS how long? We will be getting together at a park in Br*okfield. I am just so happy that I will get to see so many of my friends and family in one place-- on one day-- THAT makes me happy :) I hope to have lots of pictures to add here and to put in the baby book.

Today Mic finished up the painting upstairs... of course, NOTHING else is completed...but I at least thought I would share with you the progress :)

This is at the top of the stairs - there is a nook that there will be shelves and bin things

Also at the top of the stairs - that brown wood thing will have chalkboard paint in it for the bambino

Bedroom looking in - rocker courtesy of my sister and the dresser is mine from my childhood that will act as a changing table

Other side of the room- isn't the crib pretty? Har.

Looking out the door

Enter the playroom - that is a futon for a mom when the stairs become a beotch. We painted the room white and maybe one of our artsy friends will come over for a spruce up. ImtalkinboutyouRebs :)

Shelf where more bins will go

Some pictures for the playroom walls

The end .

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

guess where I am?

The funeral home. They needed some help tonight. Technically I have been here for 3 hours. I am going to only be able to put about an hour and a half down on my time card ... I can always count on my old coworkers here for some crazy good gossip.

It is kind of nice to be back for a few hours... to know what I am realize why I left :) As I sit here with 13 registrations boxes in front of me. 13. I know what Laura (the woman who took my place) is going through. I can just imagine Blonde Ambition shuffling around and screaming after Big Boss. Awww... fun times.ffuuuuunnnttiimmmesss.

not really.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Can you comment on this one?

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Sunday, August 15, 2010


Wisconsin State Fair has been going on for the last 12 days. Also, for the last 11 days it has been over 90 degrees and one zillion percent humidity. Though my work, I was given 6 free tickets and decided that it would be best to go on Saturday after our 1st of 2 adoption classes.

Our friends Maurice and Greg came down to join in the hot, sweaty, farm animal fun. We met more friends there and had a crazy, sweaty, frizzy hair time. We found rum and rainbow margaritas....and the night ended with a cab ride home.

YesterDAY we had the class. During my freak out conversation with Anne last week, she mentioned that Milw@ukee has about 700 foster homes, and twice that in foster kids... and those are just licensed foster homes.... that DOESN'T mean that they are all willing to take more kids. So, I questioned the leader of the class (she is a supervisor in the organization). I asked about how many licensed foster homes there are....she said about 700 (Anne was right), and she added that the workers under her supervision oversee about 120 licensed homes. I asked how many of those homes are accepting new kids? She said... oohhh....ummmmm.....lemmmeeee 15.


That doesn't mean they are all taking infants. That doesn't mean they all want to adopt.

I am not good at math. Most days there are at least 2 occasions that I have to count on my fingers.

But, I am pretty sure that somehow, that creates pretty good odds for us.

Bless all of those children in need. I ask the universe to guide one of them to us. I have faith that will happen. 100% faith.

Mic has her personal interview tomorrow. I have to ride around in a beverage cart at a golf outing and give away 200 can koozies. I am going to make this the fastest distribution of 200 can koozies in the history of distributing can koozies.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

*blank stare*

The private interview went fine and then ms. Brittany said some stuff about some crap and she totally burst my bubble. Maybe it is my altered hormonal state - but it left me kinda empty. I GET that nothing is 100%. I GET that we may have to wait a long time to be placed with a child that fits our situation. I understand, Brittany. She continues to be a Debbie Downer. "we NEVER get babies"..."it just DOESN'T HAPPEN".

I had to call Anne to have her talk me down. I have to keep the faith that things will work out. Today was challenging to remember that.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Black hole

Somehow it is already August 10.

Where in the world did the summer go? It is amazing (and really freaky) how fast time goes by when you aren't counting moments...but instead just enjoying them.

This summer has been wonderful. It REALLY has. A simple wonderful summer.

Work has been amazing.. we have been drawing bonuses.. and today, my job consisted of scheduling and working on the holiday party in December and our office party in September... which, part of THAT was taking down everyone's drink of choice for the limo ride down to Ry@n Br@un's Waterfront (on the Milw@ukee river) ...and then to Comedy Sportz and then list out what bars we are going to be visiting after that....and map the route to everyone's home so we all have a safe ride. Who DOES that? Me. I do. Oh, and on Monday- I have to go to a golf outing all day and ride around in a beverage cart putting can koozies (pronounced kooo-zeeee) on peoples bottles of beer. I think I got this one. My biggest fear is that my big biznizz is going to weigh down the beverage cart and it isn't going to be able to move.

I have had nightmares.

But, that is what I get for being a fattie fattie boom ba laddie.

just say'n

My girl Brit is coming over tomorrow for for my private interview. Then on Monday is Mic's private interview. Then we have a total of 9 hours of classes the two following Saturday's and then the FINAL WALK THROUGH.

I don't know what to say about that-- other then I can't believe this is all happening. I simply can not believe it. I have been wanting this whole process to be over so we can start the waiting process....and it is going to be wrapped up this month.


We could possibly have a baby by the end of the year.

Mind blowing.

But-- with that said... now that everything is rolling..I am not obsessing. Mic and I have been very driven to get things have friend filled weekends and to just enjoy. When we get the room done, of course I will take some pictures. Right now, it is a work in progress.

Hope all are well-- sorry for the lack of updates, but I have been reading!