Monday, November 9, 2009

Weeked update.

Okay- I have both hands now- acrylics are mostly off-- disguised okay. I am mainly not pointing at things, and tuck my fingers when people are around me.

Acrylics? What the hell was I thinking? So. not. me. (anymore) I am way too fat for pretty hands. Don't mind me- I have fallen apart physically, but lookie me fingies..... aren't they beautiful?...... Biiiggg girrrl in a littllee cooaattt... but, my nails sparkle!

Weekend-- well-- it was beautiful. I need to find a climate to move to that is 60ish/70ish degrees year round. No snow. Just comfie and cheap. Oh, and I need to have someone cover my moving expenses, and find me a job.

Mic and I cleaned up and winterized the yard, preparing for the snow. I cleaned the inside. We had a fantastic dinner at Hectors in the hippy Bay View. We had a GREAT time, met new gals, and they were really nice and fun.

Heard about a relationship that has ended.... very sad. Isn't it awkward when friends break up-- who gets who? Can I stay friends? Do we still talk? Take sides? How can you NOT ask for details and then give your own opinion-- I am really good at giving my opinion (and not very good when people don't TAKE it. Don't people know I know best? oivey.)

As far as the Vegas vacation-- apparently the last family vacation they went on was many years ago-- Mic brought her partner at the time-- and by the end of the vacation, they weren't speaking, and shortly after that Mic and her partner broke up. So, there have been rules for this one: we are all staying on separate floors of the hotel, we are doing our own thing for the most part during the day and perhaps meeting up at night (or vice versa), we aren't sitting by one another on the plane... and very important: Mic and I are working on some sort of verbal or physical sign to signal when I have had enough of her bro-in-law's smart mouth (actually- very opposite) and I am about to drop kick him.

Mic made up those rules, except for the last one.

I am doing Rebecca's dad's Orders of Service for the service tomorrow- and Mic and I are driving out to Madison after work to attend the visitation...


Jude said...

I am so over snow. It would be very hard for me to live somewhere that has that white stuff. So.Cal. is my place now, except it's not cheap. We pay extra for the weather.

C.I.W. said...

Over it?! You and me, BOTH!

My big questions is: How do you make taht big move? It seems SO SCARY! What if things go wrong back home, missing out on family stuff... yanno... biggies.

I could try to drag the family with me.


CJ said...

That so sucks!! You will be less than two hours from me, but then again, you always will just be in a different direction this time! Good luck with everything!

Amy said...

Still think the family vacation is weird. I guess we'll sorta be doing the same thing in March though. For "The WEDDING." And who broke up? Anyone I know?
Sorry about Rebecca's dad. So sad.

Amy said...

PS So glad you took the nails off. I hated them. Oh, did I just say that out loud? I'm pretty good at stating my opinion too!

C.I.W. said...

nonny, you never SAW them!!!! nerd.

Amy said...

Saw them in the Halloween pics.

Jen said...

Wow, the vacation sounds like so much fun. (note the sarcasm.) Ha.

And I don't really think a cheap comfie place with 60/70 degree weather year round exists, does it? If you find it let me know!