Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I know..

I totally need to blog about stuff.

Mic and I had hit a road bump. Sorta. Kinda. When looking back it was more me having a pms induced freak out... then dumping it all on her.

Kid related stuff.

I am pretty sure you all can guess.

Aunt Flo has come around, hormones have gotten back to human levels, and I am back to being my joyful self. It is exciting to me when Mic talks with our friends about our plans. It makes it all seem so much more real then when I just yabber about it. I think their positive energy, reactions and excitement just add to hers. What fun! Now, if it were only June. Time travel, anyone? anyone?

I have to keep a level head. Pray that the universe has a plan for us as moms. We may very well submit our applications and be rejected. Who knows!?

Weekends have been so fun... we went up to Appleton for game night with Mo and Greg. Then on Sunday I drug.. dragged... droge.. whatev... them out Geocaching. This would have been my second attempt. My first attempt was in the middle of a sleet storm and we were in the deserted farmers market crawling on our hands and knees. Needless to say, that was horribly unsuccessful.

So, I made everyone put on their coats, grab the dogs and we set out. The first one I didn't find.. but.. BUMBUMBUMMMMM.. I found the SECOND ONE!!! I screamed and freaked out and WWHOOHWHOOOO'd... I opened it.. and there was a log.. Mo asked.."WHAT DO WE DOOO??" I said.. "SIGN IT!!!!!!!"

Then I realized I forgot a pen.



Oh well. I found one. I got to log it online, and I have pictures to prove it. Actually, it looks like Maurice standing in a pine tree. But *I* know what it really is!!!!!!! I can't wait to go out again!

Workin' out is going okay. It is easy to talk myself out of it. Far far too easy. Last night was Zumba. I love that class! Thankfully there was a guy (gasp!) zumba-ing with us. He broke out in moonwalks at inappropriate times. People concentrated on him more then wondering if I was going to die right there in the middle of a shimmy.

Hope everyone is well!

Monday, March 22, 2010


Did you just hear me snoring? shit. I think I was.


I can fall asleep anywhere. At my old call center job, I would smoosh down in my chair (still sitting up, of course) push my hair kind of over my face, hands on the keyboard, and snooze away!

Then I would WAKE UP... run over to Maurice (dried drool down my face) and in a panic ask, "holyshitdude.. did you just hear me snoring???"

That was in a call center of 500+ people. Now I am in a funeral home by myself most times. This is a recipe for disaster.

I have been out and about looking for a part time job on Saturday's. I found one with my old place of employment. I just exchanged emails with Anne, because before I take it, I wanted to make sure that the foster parent classes don't take place on Saturdays. Well, they do.

Back to the drawing board. My goal is to be able to put a little extra money away while we have a moment. Starting in about a week I will doing some at home scanning of documents for a local doctor. Good guy... paid under the table. I think I will be doing some plasma donation, too. What fun! oi.

I know that I shouldn't say things like this- as we haven't even been accepted into the program yet (but I know you bloggerpeeps "get it").... but maybe, right now, there is a lady out there who is incubating my future son/daughter.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Cindyhoo, you are one of the nicest bloggers out there.....and I am so HAPPY that nice things are happening for you and Joey.

Bless you and the baby(s?) !!!!!

Go say congrats to her-- and it is okay if you use big words... she is really smart, too!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

gay parents and money (with an edit)

I have a question that I would like insight to:

When planning for a family- no matter how you go about getting that family, how do you plan for the money part?

I know that many of us out there who are getting ready to be moms (or dads) have "normal" lives. I don't know one of us who have struck it big time at the casino or with the scratch offs.....
so.. how do you do it?

Trust me, I realize that money isn't easy to talk about.... but I would like ideas. I know you can't be TOTALLY prepared.... but how DO you prepare? Is there ever a "perfect" position to be in financially?

speak up (please) because as you can imagine... Mic and I just had this conversation (or.. for the last 3 hours we have).


Where is this coming from, Casey?!?!?HUH???

Thank you all for your insight. Mic and I have a difference in opinion when it comes to this issue. I believe it will all just be fine. Of course, she looks at black and white. On paper.. how in the hell are we going to make this work!?!?! I look at my parents, her parents, helloooo most parents I know, and think- they didn't plan. They just did. They worked the jobs they could... and they loved their family. It is my job to calm her down, to show her things will be fine. And god willing that we are even accepted, we will get assistance... daycare, medical, etc....

I had a glimpse of the worry on her mind when we were standing in a doorway, and she said "What are we going to do when the state comes in and tells us we need DOORS?" (as we don't have doors on our bedrooms upstairs)"Those are EXPENSIVE. We are going to have to re-build DOORWAYS!"


I love her. And I love that she is worried about how we are going to be as a family. But I don't want her worry too much and not have FUN.

I think I am going to make sure she reads this entry... reads your responses... and gets a chance to realize everyone is just like we are. Just normal. No Trumps in my circle....just real peeps.

Friday, March 12, 2010

I have realized

That the largest criteria that I look for in blogs that I read is that they have pictures.

I can pretty much tell what the blog is going to be about after reading a couple of entries... but I wont read anymore of it, or add it to my reading list if they don't have pictures posted.

I don't have a good imagination--- I don't want to have to "make up" what these people look like.

2nd largest criteria... big boobs.



Tuesday, March 9, 2010

snowball effect.

I decided to take some gentle nudging from my friend and finally visited her hair guy. Stylist. Adorable gay man who didn't make me feel gross. Whatever you call him... I am now in love with a guy who is happily married to another man. And does hair.... he is funny... and cute... and talks too loud like me. *le sigh* We are made for one another. Yet, not.

So, I came home with this:

I posted it on my facebook to show my peeps.... and as I was re-looking over it-- and re-living my first date with Michael, I see that I have a lazy eye. Huh. So, I started looking at old pictures. Lazy eye galore. Then I posted it on my facebook... about my lazy eye... people were nice, nono-- no lazy eye. Then my bff, Maurice said "yup- you have one". Huh. I am 36 years old. Why haven't I noticed this? Is it a sign of horrible eye issues to come? Eye crap runs in my family. Tomorrow, I am digging out baby photos. If it is getting worse, I am going to see a doctor.

THEN, I noticed the open cabinet door behind me. Do you SEE all of that crap shoved in there? It is snowballing. Now I have to purge everything in the cabinet.

Yesterday I signed my team up for the MS150. I am in it to win it. Or, at least not die. I paid $35 for cris'sake.

A & T update: T sucks ass and is a total liar. Over her. 'A' has met a new woman. Adorable. 'A' is so happy, I have hardly heard from her in a week. I get to hear all the mush tomorrow at our "Purse" meeting. Yeah. In our circle of friends-- we have purses and wallets. Not really butch or femme...there are shades of grey. But, yet, we all can be separated into purses and wallets. Which, I think is hilarious. So, the purses go out to dinner once every couple of weeks to gossip and drink too much wine. The wallets have yet to congregate for any type of camaraderie. Not surprising :)

Oh, and my other bff, Nonny, is going out of town next week for 10 days on an old school family vacation-- Griswald style. Mic and I will happily get to watch her dog, Mack. I love dog sitting-- we do it enough that we never will have a reason to get two dogs. Otherwise there will often be three dogs, and that is two too many.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Go ahead

and test my patience a little more. I dare you. My Indian name is going to be "Patient Little More"

May 20th we go back for our second first meeting for foster/adopt. Again.

That is a long time, isn't it?

In the big picture, maybe it isn't. Good things, they come to those who wait. GOD DAMMIT.


Clarification: Our lovely housemate, who I adore and will miss, doesn't leave until June 1st. So, it isn't necessary that we start (again) much before that. As we can't do anything until she moves. I was am just excited that I got an appointment in May- as they are only offering two "first classes" - the other one being for spanish speaking folks.

I texted Mic and said- "Hey- our meeting is on the 20th of May" she replied "okie Dokey" I said.... "is that a happy/excited okie dokey?" she said "YES! a happy okie dokie!!" :)

So. We wait. I am okay with that.....

Monday, March 1, 2010


I am never going to try to set anyone up again. That was a horrible experience that ended in heartbreak for A and T's ex (current?? God only knows) girlfriend drunk and literally up in my face at a party on Saturday night.....ready to punch me out. I have never been in that position before, and I won't put myself there again. I cried like a four year old who just saw her kitten run over by an ice-cream truck. I am such a freakin' wuss. For me, I can say that what happened on Saturday night opened my eyes to a lot of things... and it was a learning lesson....like... I have to learn how to throw a punch. (harhar) Moving on with my normal (sometimes boring) life is just fine by me.

'A' is still on the top of my list. I really believe that part of all this happening the way it did was supposed to bring her into the lives of Mic, our friends and I. Everyone loves her... and she has fit in wonderfully with all of us. We are blessed! I have amazing friends in their place - each and every one of them offer something in my life that only THEY can offer. I may not have a huge list of friends, but the people I have in my life that I call 'friend' could never be replaced.

Things have been a whirlwind around my life. Training, ixnaying that dumb running idea, and signing up for the MS150 - a two day bike ride. I am even the captain for our team. I know. Who AM I?!??! Don't worry. I will post a link for any type of donations that you wish to be made. I was tossing around team names... "Big Bizniss on Bikes" "Roll with the Rolls!", "Bike with Bruts", But, because my team is made up of ridiculously fit people (minus Mic and I)... none of those would work.

I think I can do this. The ride is in August. I KNOW I can do this. g-dammit.

Only a couple of more months- and we can get started with Mission: Get-a-Kid. In the K-W Household, the topic has not come up much at all, which has really made time go by more quickly. We have been getting some general decorating done in the house. I have felt a little bit like we are renters, afraid to put things on the walls so we can have an easy departure. Truth is.. we own the damn house. We aren't moving anytime soon. I have been hanging pictures, getting a spring list together (top of that is having the roof done) and blahblahblah.

Enough babbling. Back to pretend work and facebook stalking.