Monday, November 2, 2009

house hunters

I am working on a letter to Suzanne Wong about her fancy show, House Hunters. I sit here watching House Hunters and the "one up", House Hunters: International, and I think there should be a disclaimer on what they do for a living. How can Joe Blow afford to pack up and move to the Dominican? What is his family thinking? Does he get along with his siblings? Does he really need a guest room, cuz who the hell can afford to visit him?

Moving on....

I am taking this idea from Anne -- she has been doing 30 Days of Thanks. She lists three things a day that she is thankful for.... what a great way to keep things in perspective...and it will help me with my Nablopomo

1. Leftover Halloween candy
2. friends who move closer
3. my dog who warms my side of the bed before I crawl in.

1 comment:

Amy said...

How about YOU who moves to the Fox Valley?