Monday, November 16, 2009

catching up!

This weekend was a complete whirlwind!

Things accomplished: lots of laughs with my nephew and nieces while sitting them.... teaching them things that only an aunt can get away with.....laundry (sort of)... hooking....visiting with my parents and brother... and just general business.

When I went out to see the 'rents, I brought my new craft to show my mom. She surprises me around every turn, I swear. As I am showing her she says, "I just found all of my hooking stuff in a bin upstairs under your old bed." I was sure she meant something else. We went upstairs and she pulls out a big Rubbermaid bin, and proceeds to show me all of the projects she has done, and her supplies and things.... I said, "Mom! When did you do this??! I had no IDEA"... her reply was... "You just weren't paying attention". That hurt my heart.

As a younger woman, I think I was so consumed in my own crazy relationships and life in general, that I didn't even know my mother was so good at this art form.... she took classes and all! From this moment forward.... I will pay more attention.

My mom has had an artful past.... folk singer, guitar player, painter, knitter....she threw pots, sewed quilts, she has a knowledge for the arts, antiques and continues to surprise me with her artistic photographs....

As she was going through everything she said..."More recently, I bought this kit"... it was the same one that I bought, from the same store, and the same woman sold it to us.

We think alike....and I love that!


jelly said...

what craft kit did you buy?
i'd love to see some photos of your work.
i mostly do x-stitch...but i love all things crafty!

C.I.W. said...

LEt me see if I can find it!! I will post the link!

C.I.W. said...

okay- it is from

The first picture on the home page.. the runner with three squares.. it is ONE of those squares 10x10

Amy said...

I never knew all that about your Mom either. All I knew was that I was scared of her. :)