Friday, November 20, 2009

Coupl'a questions

So.. I have been trying to find more blogs to read outside the TTC community as I am no longer TTC. I am just looking for lesbo blogs, plain ol' lesbos that are funny, have families.. or not.. whatev. I am not dissing my blogging roots, just expanding.

What are your favorites?

Also.. remember El Snoro, the boss that sleeps half the day? Well the scoop is that he has debt out the wazoo and, since I answer the phones here, I take all of his collection calls. I take their names, numbers and where they are calling from and post that information under his name on a huge tack board.

A few things have crossed my mind.... First and foremost I don't judge because I, too, have had issues with debt. Many of us have! But dear god if I EVER had anyone call me at my WORK?!?! No way jose. I would be HORRIFIED!!! And then to have this information posted under my name?? I would put an end to that ASAP! He sees the notes and does this fake "my story is bogus so I am talking too loud" thing, as if I am an idiot and actually think that Capital 1 is calling to offer him a is along the same lines as the "I am lying... so I am fake yawning" thing (please tell me I am not the only one who knows about these dead giveaways!). 2nd.. I have WORKED in collections. (yes. it sucked.) Doing collections on everything from health club membership dues to hospital bills to actually having to go hunt down people and TAKE THEIR CARS. Yes. Me. I did that. Sorry. So, I know that in the state of Wisconsin you can tell them to stop calling your work... and they can't call your work. simple.

My question is WWYGD? What would you gals do? Would you approach El Snoro and ask him to tell his creditors to stop calling work as it is easily up to 7 or 8 times a day on most days. Or, would you continue your post it note mosaic of messages on the tack board?

ps. I am sorry if my grammar sucks in my posts.... I am usually doing them in several segments so my internetting goes under Blonde Ambitions radar. I don't ALWAYS have the grammatical talents of a 3rd grader.


jelly said...

maybe quietly mention about the calls and that he might want to handle his personal business at home and not at work? hm, that's a tough one.

lesbian blogs. well, i'm a lesbian! i don't have many lesbian blog friends, actually come to think of it, i have no lesbian friends in real life either.
sad, huh?

did you do a google search of lesbian blogs?

CJ said...

Ash gives me a hard time because almost everyone on my reading list is gay! I'll put my list visible on my blog. Have fun, you'll be busy for years!

existere said...

I have a sneaking suspicion you already read the lezzzzbian blogs I do. When I am not typing with one hand I'll send you some links!! If you find gooduns let me know...

Baby Mama, Too said...

Wow, that is a hard one with the credit calls. It sucks, I have had that happen to me in the past. All he needs to do is tell them he cannot be contacted at the work number and they have to stop. Obviously he is ignoring the problem, otherwise they would not be calling all the time...