Sunday, April 25, 2010

Placing the Radio Flyer before the horse.

We went to an amazing estate sale today.... I had a feeling about this one. It was run by the one REALLY GOOD estate sale company in the city (there are many "eh" companies..) and it was in a fancy dancy part of the city along Lake Michigan where people have personal assistants and more than one nanny.

I was like a kid in a candy store surrounded by Coach and Kate Spade bags, jewelery, amazing furniture and other stuff. We didn't show up until noon and it started at ten. I can't imagine what was there in the beginning of the day. We found treasures... a brand new igloo circle cooler with a spout that will be perfect for sangria on the deck, a pair of silver and amethyst earrings, a fancy flat iron, a big tin bucket thing (bigger than the norm) that will be perfect to fill with ice and bottles adult beverages or soda when we have gatherings, and Mic found a pristine radio flyer wagon with the high wood sides. It had one streamer stuck on with a piece of tape from the last parade it probably was in. She was stoked! It made me happy to see her happy about a kid thing. Being lame-o-me I was all "oohhh.. this is our first thing we are buying for the hopefully kid that will hopefully be coming into our lives if we hopefully get accepted...I am getting verklempt". I maybe should have left that last part off.

I hope we just didn't jinx things.


I can't return it!!!!!

We had a fantastic weekend with friends celebrating a birthday, a visit with mic's mom and dad, and a 3 hour nap. YUM. Not to mention wonderful news of one of our very good friends making the Milwaukee County Mounted Police. Hehehe. Mounted.

I have a wonderful wiff waiting for me upstairs in bed.

I hope everyone is well.. .


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

well, this is a little uncomfortable...

I have run into my first facebook "issue" .

My manager, El Snoro, requested to "friend" me. Talk about awkward.

I think I am going to ignore it. He and I have nothing in common, and there is no reason we SHOULD be facebook friends. Honestly, I am a little peeved that he even put me in this situation. Especially considering we have polar opposite political and religious views and he is MY BOSS.

He is kind of creepy, and I can see how me ignoring this request will possibly come back to bite me in the arse.

Has anyone else had to go through something like this?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I really don't mind

being at work today. The quiet is inviting, and I can have my pandora radio playing in the background. We have a new roof to pay for, after all. The joys of home ownership.

Remember when Oprah was really pushing The Secret.. the law of attraction and all that jazz? Then I think she even said that she invented it or something. Doesn't she always ad that little jab in there.. about how she has been doing such and such forever.. Anyways..

I was all over that Secret stuff.. If you think happy thoughts, you will attract happy and be MORE happy and happiness will seep out of your pours and then you will win the lottery.


Somewhere I fell off the Secret wagon and I got secret scrapes and bruises. I am struggling, but I want to be back on that wagon. I really believe it works. If it doesn't, I will at least be a more pleasant person in life.

If I think positive, if I have a smile on my face, look for the good in others, enjoy life, believe that the struggles I have will be overcome... why WOULDN'T things go my way? Sometimes I think we humans get stuck in a doomsday train of thought.... all of the "my life sucks, I will never succeed, I will never get what I want, I will never be the person I want to be.." etc...etc.. I have recently heard people use the term.. FML... "fuck my life". I cringe. Fuck your life? Let me give you a list of people who would much rather HAVE your life.

All in all I know these things to be true:
1. I am loved.
2. I love.
3. I have more then most, and don't need more... of everything.
4. I am blessed.

I know that there will continue to be blessings in my life. I need to stop looking for the BIG ONES and really marvel and give thanks for the little ones... those add up.

So, yes, I may be sitting at work on an absolutely beautiful Saturday afternoon... I am blessed.. I have a job that will give money to put towards a roof to give shelter to my amazing family and friends. That roof will one day cover the head of our child.

To the universe, I say thank you. I am thankful for even the hardest most horrid times in my life, for I was alive to go through them, and those times made me the person I am today.

.....If you turn it over to the universe, you will be surprised and dazzled by what is delivered .. this is where magic and miracles happen.....

Thursday, April 8, 2010


No- not a dyslexic form of American Idol. I am talking about Internet Addiction.

I really think I have an issue. I am on the computer ALL DAY at work. Literally. I can multi-task like Kate Gosslien pre nanny's. The issue comes in when I am out of work. I am still totally connected... iPhone, computers etc.

From this point forward, I am going to make a huge effort to not even turn on the computer when I get home. I am going to plug in my phone and leave it alone. I have books to read, rugs to hook, a wiff (not legally my wife) to love-up. I have so many projects that I am ignoring, it is ridiculous. I have a gym I belong to, and soon a bike to train on.

I think I get enough internet time in during the day.... and I am getting paid for it!!!

Does anyone else struggle with this, or am I on a lonely boat all by myself drifting in the middle of some big ocean like.. the Atlantic, Pacific or .... wait.. are there only two oceans? I need to google this.

Hope you are all well.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What happens when

you live with a student of Mortuary Science.

Rebecca brought this down and put it on the coffee table.

She had to re-create a head. She started with a skull (keep in mind- this is lifesize) and it was clay from that point forward.

The creepy part is, this is her grandma. It is dead on. Pun intended... it looks exactly like her.

Rebecca is talented...perhaps too talented for her own good.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Highway noise.

My mom and dad are back from Florida. I couldn't be more pleased. My dad was "inked" while down there and is the proud owner of a 8" Celtic cross on his forearm. He cracks me up. He used to be the three piece business suit kinda guy. Work work work. I don't think he has put on a tie since retiring. They surprised us at Easter dinner with the news that they bought a condo on the beach in Florida. I am SO happy for them, and very excited that they actually agreed on something. After almost 50 years of marriage, I wasn't sure this had ever happened. Of course, after our initial conversation, I was thinking about when I could pencil Mic and I in on the Condo Calender and what skills I had to barter with (paint, rip out carpeting, etc. ). So far I can't think of anything that wouldn't consist of a lot of Rum Runners and 83spf sunscreen.

In order to spend more time on the beach and upgrade their parrot head status, they would sell their house in Oconomow.oc and get a condo up here as well.

When Mic and I had a chance to talk about it, her first question was, "When are they selling their house and when can we move in?"

My first response was to roll my eyes with an up-nort "yaaariigghh" (in order for it to qualify as up-nort, most of the sound comes out of the nostrils, not your mouth). Then I realized she was serious.

Huh? Wha? I panicked with a "we would be the only gay people in town and I am not going back in the closet so you can have a yard.... we would have well water (GASP!).... do you know how quiet it is???.... turkey and deer and other wild animals are all over - they attack!!! .....what if I regress back to a 14 year old living in my parents house and want to go smoke cigarettes under the bridge by Boats and Bait all day long ?????

Nothing was working. She already had a blueprint in her head about what walls were going to be knocked down and where we were going to place the kitchen island.

So. I emailed my mom and dad and informed them we may be interested and, of course, they stated that they have not made a decision on which condo in Wisconsin they are going to put an offer in on. We have time. The Florida condo decision took 11 years. I am good. Mic can keep working on her blueprints, and I can continue my own blueprints for the baby room upstairs in our loud, small yard, too close to neighbors, city water house.

On a side note, Mic was approached by her head-manager-guy and was told that he would need her to submit her resume as he is slotting her to become a supervisor in the next few weeks.

That was the readers digest version of what ALL went down.

I praised the universe and thanked the heavens for blessing Mic with opportunity. Please keep her in your thoughts as this all goes down!

I hope everyone is well!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

And so it begins....

Mother Nature is playing some cruel joke on all of us Wisconsin-ites and threw out an 80 degree day yesterday.

People don't know what to do... it is warm so I can put on flip flops, but at any given moment it may switch to a blizzard and /or torrential down pour with thunder and a tulips blooming (all at the same time). Perhaps a bit more on the safe side would be flip flops with a winter jacket and boots and an umbrella in a backpack? Done. We are like pack mules and prepared for anything.

This is how I enjoyed my 80 degree day:


And then 'Garage Clean Out 2010' began after work. Shelving is going up, organization and throwing out has commenced. I am not the handiest gal on the block but thankfully my lesbian life partner, Mic, is. *swoon* She is happy with a power drill and other assorted tools.

The garage isn't this bad. But I had to take a picture of it for dramatics. This was everything moved from the back where we were working to the front.

In the front of the pile-o-crap you will see the rocker that I am going to re-cover in a funky fabric ala something like THIS rocker on my new favorite sight. My roommate and friend, Rebecca is Martha Stewart crafty. She can do ANYTHING. I think she will be able to help me.

Okay. I am at work and technically they are paying me for this... I suppose I should do some actual work. Then after that, they can pay me for doing research on bike racks and updating my facebook page.