Friday, November 13, 2009

Bad dog mama

Once a week we send our dog, Cosmo, to C*entral B*ark Doggy Daycare here in the city. We have done this for 4 years-- sometimes more often during week, all depending on our financial situation. Depending on the doggy day care and the area that it is in, you may be dealing with some real.. oh, lets just say "dog people". We are not those people. Just because we don't have his face tattooed on our back doesn't mean we don't love him just the same.

I walked into the location on Tuesday morning in my usual manner... hair dripping wet, pulling up my socks, stepping on the heel of my shoe because it is only half on.... running 15 minutes late because I felt the need to mindlessly sit in front of facebook for 30 minutes after getting out of the shower.

I stopped in my tracks when I saw a colorful sign.... "Happy Birthday Cosmo!!!!" right there in the lobby. I looked... looked down a my dog.... looked at the daycare worker who was cheerfully skipping towards me singing happy birthday to my mutt.... and I said, "uh.. oh.. ummm.. MY dog, Cosmo? It's his birthday??!?" She looked at me like I just asked her to clip my toenails. "yes!" it is his BIRTHDAY!"


I die.

"well.. YES! of course it is!!!!! How silly! I forgot his treats for his friends at home... obviously, by the state of my hair and accessories, I am running VERY late-- I forgot them! Uhh.. yeah.. I will bring them NEXT week! He will be non the wiser"

and I ran. Shoe flipp-flopping and all...

I made Mic pick him up, as I wouldn't be able to handle any more horrible dog mom humiliation.

She came home wit his yearly photo and special treat-- and said.. "HEY! It's Cosmo's birthday!"

That makes two of us.

Jen over at Dyke Evolution just lost her dear Gracie suddenly...without warning. Her dog who never judged and only loved was gone from her physical life. I hugged Cosmo extra hard the day I read about that, because I DO know how much love a pet can give and truly become part of your family.
I know I am very lucky to have had 4 years with my big lug.....

from this, four years ago:

To this... Cosmo's fourth birthday!


Amy said...

*I* remembered his birthday! :) Glad he had such a great day. Good thing he can't talk and tell all the other dogs about his Mom forgetting the snack. You make me smile. I could picture you with your shoe half on running in there!

cindyhoo2 said...

Oh how funny! I think Joey and I definitely qualify as 'dog people' but we never remember any of our dogs birthdays. For that matter we both forgot out ammiversary one year. Point being: you saved a pound puppy and you take him to daycare. He is a happy guy even if you don't sing the birthday song in an overly excited high pitched manner once a yeAr..... I think that would be scary for a dog anyway.

shane rocket said...

happy birthday goober