Sunday, November 8, 2009

typing with one hand

because i am in the process of removing my acrylics. we just got back from sunday family dinner at mics house.

we are going on a family vacation to vegas next october,

i have a lot to say that takes two hands

they are very accepting people - i just don't know that they are family vacation kinda people.

i am supposed to face my fears.

rebecca's dad's funeral is tomorrow - there is a sadness in the house. i wish i could say the right thing to make her feel better.


Amy said...

There isn't anything you can say to Rebecca to make her feel better. Just be her friend.
And a family trip to Vegas. uh, hmmm, not my idea of fun. You'll be facing MY fears as well.

Baby Mama, Too said...

I am sorry to hear about Rebecca's father. It is never easy and there is probably nothing you can say to help. It seems like there has been a lot of loss lately, at least from my perspective...