Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Woah. That was fast.

This year went by so quickly.

I can't believe it..

Fireworks and toots of horns and hugs and kisses to show how grateful we are for
the blessings of 2008 and even more of the same to the wonders, secrets, excitement, and new adventures that 2009 will bring!

We can't go back, right?

We are getting ready to have a few people over for some games...rum and wine.... anyone may join.. :)

Happy New Years to those out there .... be safe... have fun.... love lots...


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas was pretty darn good!

We hosted Christmas Eve with Mic's family... we had appetizers, gifts and then we played Right Left Center - a fun and easy dice game that you can play with or without money. We, of course, played with quarters. Usually at some point when we have gatherings with Mic's family, the TV goes on. I decided that I didn't want that to happen at Christmas, and I prepared everyone ahead of time, that if we are going to continue the tradition of hosting Christmas eve, then we can start a new tradition of playing a game with the family. They seemed to REALLY enjoy it, which made me haaapppyy! They also seemed to really like the gifts I made.

They went crazy with the gifts, which is to be expected - and that makes THEM happy.

Christmas Day was at my sister's just a few miles away from us. They wooped it up, and we had an AMAZING dinner, played Pictonary which was FUN (my family is fiercely competitive) we played boys against girls, losers had to do the dishes. We won. Hollleerr.

We did a couple of gifts for the children, and my family really enjoyed the gifts I made, and they all mentioned where they were going to hang them in their homes.

I love Christmas. I love it even better when it is over. Mic feels it necessary that we keep the tree up until after NYE. She is lucky I love her.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

made with love

Today has been a BUSY day!!!! I got some wrapping done while Mic re-did the bathroom. We are now sporting a chocolate bathroom with teal and brown accents. Its cute! She did a great job! Its the only bathroom we have, and I refuse to worry about what colors are going to make a room seem smaller, etc. We like darker colors. End of story.

I can only handle wrapping in bits, so I ended after I ran out of two rolls of paper. That was JUUUSSTT about when I wanted to stab the scissors through my eye. It helped that I had my ipod on so I could just zone while wrapping.

After that I thought I would work on some of my gifts for this year.... I got three done before I ran out of supplies. Tomorrow I am going to have to hit up Michaels and Hancock Fabrics for more shtuff.

Here is what I have done so far.

I have decided to take my family's last names and make them into whatnots :) I found the big chunky frames at Michaels for a steal, and the opening is an 8x10 - Got the different letters off of the internet.. mainly f*lickr... and added ribbon and putzies!

I think you can click on the picture to get a larger view..

I hope they like them.... We shall see!

We are going to have a quick dinner and then I am going to make S'more cookie bars.

I got them off of a recipe from a group over at Livejournal that I joined....

If anyone is interested... there are LOTS of recipes and the best thing.. PICTURES from the real people who made them..

oom chica oom chica oom chica

I found this on another blog.

It is my inspiration.

I want a boogie body.

First I need a leotard with flattering stripes.

Friday, December 19, 2008

its like a train wreck.

I found this webcam this morning .. from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel online.. it is some guy driving around in his SUV on this crappy snowy morning.

I don't know how long this is going to be going on this morning.. but.. I am going to be right here for the whole damn thing.

Hot diggggiiitttyy there is a CHAT, too!!!!



its not on anymore.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weekend is over.

I have really enjoyed my weekend. We didn't do anything crazy .. but it was just a NICE weekend. I never realized that my girl had 10 boxes of Christmas decorations under the stairs in the basement. She was hiding them. Since Saturday was going to be our tree decorating day, I had her bring up all 10 boxes and we went through them. We took down and packed up all of our "everyday" stuff in the family room and kitchen.. and decorated for the holidays. I am officially Christmas-ed OUT. I am glad we didn't do this any earlier, as I am not too sure how much I would have liked seeing snowmen and Santas for more than 2 weeks. The tree turned out great. Our colors this year were these really great shades of green and dark fuchsia pink and lots of silver! It looks beautiful! We didn't do much outside AT ALL.. next year we will have to plan further ahead. Like... in fall. As much as I don't want to be "those people" who have their lights on their house months prior to Christmas.. I also don't want to be "those people" who break bones trying to prop up ladders in the snow....and get frost bite standing in the chilling 20 mph wind.

I also did some baking. To be honest, I am not happy with the cookies that I did. Mic says they taste good.. I think they are kind of bland. I don't have many FAVORITE holiday cookies.. except those nuggets of goodness...the p-butter cookies with the kisses on top.. 'LISH! I will make those this week... I am pretty okay with NOT liking the ones I made.... I am not going to eat them!

This morning we did our duty by going to 8am Mass with Mic's mom and dad.. then out to breakfast, then dinner at their house tonight. I am stuffed.

Being in a Catholic church today, really made me miss the traditional Mass. I have been going to services at a UU church for quite a while-- and prior to Milwaukee, Lisa and I went to one in the Valley. I love it, I love what it stands for, I love everything about the UU's, but there is something beautiful about a traditional Mass.

I am exausted. It is only a little after 8, and I am going to climb into bed, read for a few mintues and crash out.

Here is a picture of the coconut puffs and the dark chocolate mint peppermint cookies I made:

The dish belonged to Mic's great grandma.

Here is my girl and my dog in front of the tree...

And one of just the tree..

It has been confirmed.

I need to make lots of money, and buy a winter home in a warm climate.

This weekend: decoratin' and Christmas cookie makin' updates and photos to follow!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Back to work

I think my skull was getting soft from laying on my back for 6 straight days. Is this possible? (FYI - never ask funeral directors questions like this as they will undoubtedly have a story to prove that yes, in fact that horrid thing you just asked about is completely possible.)

The owners wife was elated to see me as I walked in the door this morning, Mic pointed this out to me tonight when she picked me up. I was greeted with "eeeeps" in a southern drawl, and she took my coat, put my lunch in the fridge and ice pack in the freezer. I really enjoy my job-- even when I get cranky and tell the directors to shove it. They think I am playing... and laugh. I hide the truth behind my sarcasm pretty well. I had no intention of staying all day.. I was told that someone could take me home when I had enough (I couldn't drive myself this morning). I took one for the team.. and stayed. There is a lot to be done, and I couldn't let my co-workers hang.

I have actually started my holiday shopping! I have never been so on the ball with this-- EVER. We are doing pretty simple stuff this year. We get the nieces and nephews some fun small stuff (this year it all came from Little MissMatched) and we do a homemade gift. Last year I did this really great (if I say so myself)calendar that was themed month's with photos that I swiped from my siblings and my parents homes. All of July's photos had to do with 4th of July stuff, November was all Thanksgiving/Fall photos.. etc. We also took family photos and made personalized recipe cards (everyone in my family likes to cook) This year I have asked people to send me pics and I will make the calendar again (we filled in everyones birthdays/anniversaries/holidays). This year we are also doing family name plaques done with natures alphabet photos from i-stock, and adding some fancy dancy touches. Its nice to have a girlfriend who runs a printing company. Comes in handy!

I am starting to feel myself again. This makes me (and those around me) happy. Apparently I have been a bit on the bitchy side as of late. Sorrybout'that.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

time for some time.

Mic and I did some talking, and we have come to the conclusion that we are going to wait on TTC for a few months.

This back issue is an eye opener. There is no way that I would want to put my body through a possible pregnancy in the condition it is at the moment. There are goals set, that need to be met for a physically sound body and mind. Or, as close as "sound" as I can get it in the next few months.

I am totally okay with this decision. If I can get pregnant, I want to have a very healthy pregnancy. So, I have to let our KD know, and I am sure he will agree with the decision.

I am feeling pretty okay today- I am going to work tomorrow for as long as I can stand it. I have to get out of the house! Stir CRAAZZZYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!