Monday, February 28, 2011

oh yeah-- christmas.

I realized I didn't post any pictures of the holiday gifts I made in 2010. When I went to my camera to download them I realized many of the pictures looked really shitty... so, here are a couple that weren't completely blurred out or were not viewable because of a reflection.

Monday, February 21, 2011

a breath of fresh air?

and we are zen...

Case Worker Tres is wonderful.

She has done everything she said she would, and she had a good sense of humor, too.

We happened to go out for a couple of brandy old fashioned sweets and a fish fry on Friday (do people outside of Wisconsin drink those?) and ran into another social worker. Yes.. small world. Two more BOF's and we are yabba dabba doin' and she asked us who our old caseworkers were.....and who CW Tres is... she said we have the best one there.

good. I want the best one there to be on our team.

EDIT: google "brandy old fashioned sweet- Wisconsin style" and not only will you get some amusing stories and directions on how to make it and order it, but it will state that it is traditionally drank at fish frys, too.

God I love this state. Minus the freaking snow...but that gives us character.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

teachers, nurses, state workers.. UNIONS

If you haven't read about what is going on in Wisconsin this past week-- I suggest you g@@gle it. It is simply historical and AMAZING.

The newly appointed republican Governor, Scott Walkers, introduced a bill last Friday that would bust unions. He is trying to take away all rights -- therefore bust-- unions. oh, well.. EXCEPT those of cops, fire fighters and state troopers. Because they gave him money for his election.

All in the state that was the birthplace of the largest and strongest public unions in the United States.

I am NOT a union worker, nor do I think I will ever be one... as they don't really exist in my line of work. But to put it simply, this guy is a total douche bag. No matter where your political beliefs may stand. When we were told he won the election, it felt like most of Wisconsin looked at each other with a puzzled.. WTF?.. on our faces. Only the rich voted for him... as I am SURE no one from the middle and lower classes would be stupid enough to vote this hate monger in... so, it must be true that money buys votes.

*stepping off my soapbox*

Yes.. what is going on in Wisconsin IS historical and can be used to teach our children about democracy and politics for years to come. Well, if we have teachers LEFT in Wisconsin to do the teaching.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Our Weekend..

Valentines Day is our big holiday... (even if it really isn't a holiday).. to celebrate US. We don't buy Christmas gifts, Thanksgiving is for family, Easter we don't really.. "do" at the moment. So I really like celebrating our love at V-day.

She has had no idea what I was planning, so I made a crossword puzzle filled with clues. Did you know that you can do that for free online? I didn't! So, she filled it out and realized that we are escaping for the weekend.. I got a cute little hotel room, we are going to see a play, and she LOVES gardening... so we are going to a landscaping and gardening expo as well. I think she was really surprised!

I have been hella sick with the walking death (a really bad cold) but I am getting to the point where I can kind of keep awake for more than an hour at a time. I am going to make the BEST of this get away!!!! DAMMIT!!!!

PS. Caseworker Numero Three has called us and we have another meeting with her on Tuesday-- just to get to know us better. I am thinking of baking cookies... would that be a little over the top? :/

I hope everyone is well :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

well- we haven't met before, have we?

Caseworkero Numero Three-o.

She is a good one, me thinks. She successfully assisted our now California friends with their two adoptions.

I needed someone who could give me proof that she was a worker bee. After two unsolicited emails to me today-- she has proven just that.

Good things happen in February and March, eh? Mic is convinced that it will happen on a Monday in March the child will be of Mixed or Mexican or Malaysian decent a Male and his name will be something that starts with M but we wont tell ya until it is time.

All M's. Get it? Oh, my Mic.. she is so clever. :/

If she is correct all of that you better believe we are going to get a 1-900 number.

Oh. And it snowed here. A shit-ton. Man.... it sucks.