Thursday, July 31, 2008

New Sticks

I went to the store to get some new OPK sticks- I usually get the ones in cased in plastic.. and like a good lesbo ttc, I have lined them up, compared the lines.... still no pictures, though. That was last month. Should I even admit to having them in the drawer.. like.. right over there ----> Okay. yeah. I will throw those out. *nervous giggle*

Anyways- I decided to get the paper stick things this time. The kind you don't pee ON but hold IN your pee. I have never peed on my hands so many times. I thought we had plastic cups in this house.. nonono. .. in fact I KNOW we have plastic cups.. the red ones. The ones that you give you your friends that are hanging out by the fire and you write their names on them cuz daaaamnn we go through a lot of red cups. Yeah- those... I can't find them. We don't have a lot of "stuff" and yet when I need something.. I don't know where it is. I have NOT checked the garage, yet. They may be near my bin of "flamingo party decorations". Yeah. I have a bin of that-- and it is so important, that I didn't label a piece of tape and stick it on the bin... I labeled the bin ITSELF with a permanent marker. I love entertaining.

AAANNNYYWHHOOOOOO... I have been peeing in the little plastic.. "could I have a side of sour cream with my burrito?" cup. Who's idea was it to even include that in the OPK box? Though, I should be grateful... I'm the lame-o who can't find a grown up cup to pee in.

Back to the reason of the post. The lines are possibly getting a little darker each day... and.. now.. I am lining them up on a note card... and stapling them all next to one another-- and then labeling. No longer do I have to keep the plastic OPK pee-sticks.... which are now down there..

in the garbage.

Tomorrow night I am going out with a funeral director from work-- should be a hoot.. she and I have the same sense of humor..and she has a wonderful laugh. I love hanging with people like that. I called Mic and said..

me: "hey babe- tomorrow night, Jamie and I are goi-"
Mic: "GO".

hrm. someone needs alone time.


Sunday, July 27, 2008


This weekend was wonderful. I enjoyed every moment of it, even the three hour drive.... there AND back. Cosmo swam like CHAMP... Mic didn't even think he was going to get in the water-- he was AWESOME the whole time. We are very proud dog-moms. The weather in Townsend, Wisconsin couldn't have been better, and I didn't get sunburned once. I am right on track for "My Whitest Summer Ever". :)

I did have the talk with Mic about trying-- its a no go. She is very adamant about getting all of our ducks in a row before we try anything. I understand her reasons, and I honor them.

I am not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow- I haven't thought about death for four whole days. I looked in the paper when I got home, though-- and I have a very busy week ahead of me. While dealing with that, though-- I will be figuring out how to strike it rich in order to afford our very own up north getaway cabin. I wish.

Here is Cosmo, our super beach dog who looked too damn cute in his life jacket.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I am having a talk

With Mic tomorrow night. We will be driving up nort' way up past the rez. (LOL.. I feel so up nort when I say 'rez') to stay with Patty and Pat at the cabin on the lake in Townsend. I want to ask Mic if it would be okay with her that we try to insem this month *prior to contract being signed*-- as in.. soon. I just have a feeling it will take a few trys-- if it happens at all. And I really don't want to WAIT anymore. Technically-- it will already be August when I will be a fertile mertel. Sooooooooo- we haven't gotten the final contract done- we have all looked it over and agreed on it.. and there will not be any issues with it, anyways. So- yeah. We are gonna have a chat. Because if she is a stickler on this contract thing-- then it will be ANOTHER month.

Tonight we went to a friends mother's memorial service. It was nice, but sad. Even though I work in a funeral home and deal with sad everyday it makes such a huge difference when you see someone you know go through loss. Today was a ssaaadd weepy day at work-and after. I am weeped out. Odd, though- they had food there-- and there was polish sausage. As I like to say-- polishsshasshige. (sound it out). I have NEVER had so much damn polish sausage since I started dating Mic.. I have never dated anyone who was polish and from south milwaukee.. MAN.. its hilarious.. polish sausage everywhere-- easter, christmas, weddings... and now funerals. I am surprised they didn't have punchkies for desert! (google it-- its a little polish jelly donut--- lish!)

Saturday, July 19, 2008


A bit of ordinary. I got my period 14 days after the day the OPK came back positive. I am really happy about this.. because I got a + on the OPK on cycle day TWENTY EIGHT!!!!! I was worried my period would be all screwed up again this month-- like last month-- but, hopefully that isn't the case-- and I will have a + OPK on a "normal" cycle day.

Today was ffuunnnnn... Mic and I took my two nieces and nephew and a friends daughter to bumper bowl, and then went to the grocery store to get the fixin's for a good Mexican dinner-- and then they played outside until the street light came on. They had a blast... I was happy that MacKenzie came along-- as she was "new meat" for my nieces and nephews...

I was thinking about how my sister does it-- full time stay at home mom to three VERY VERY ACTIVE AND INVOLVED kids who are woonnndderrffuull. It has got to be the hardest job ever-- and she is a VERY involved mom. If I am blessed with a child-- if there was one women that I would look upon as a mom and want to emulate-- it would be her. She is sooo creative, patient, and good with the kids. She has only their best interest at hand.. and she hasn't forgotten about her individuality. She rocks. She is my sister, and I love her.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Up Nort'

This weekend we went up north to visit very good friends, one of happens to be our KD. We were able to get a taste of Pride Alive - which is Green Bay's pride fest. It was pretty darn fun.. it was the first year, and they had a great turn out! Next year will even be better. I can honestly say I miss the small town feel of the Fox Valley- and there were times this weekend that I really wanted to just move back. It is beautiful.. affordable.. clean.. friendly.. and gayer than most people can even imagine!

So, we had our "draft" version of our contract with us. We sat at lunch overlooking the Fox River on a beautiful sunny day to read it over. We are insisting .. as well as they are... that BOTH the KD and his partner are involved in this whole dealio--- and by whole I mean.. WHOLE *wink wink*. They agreed to everything that is in the contract.. but, as before discussed and agreed upon, we are having drawn up a second contract that if anything happens to BOTH Mic and I, that the child would go to them-- and they would act as guardians. So, now we have to gather resources, take it back to the attorney and go to step 32458. Hopefully, next month will be the start of the trying.

Mic was adorable- and pointed out this kinda modern punk-rocky diaper bag.. and said.. if we are blessed.. I would like this :)

It was a fantastic, fun, relaxing and gorgeous weekend- and tomorrow-- back to the grind.

Friday, July 4, 2008

pitter patter..

I saw this on another blog-- and played it-- and my whole body smiled... I hope it makes your whole body smile.

Love. this.

From- Where the Hell Is Matt . com

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.


I am stumped. Cycle day 28 and I am having an LH Surge?? I should be starting my period any day now. That is what I don't get. Unless you surge right before your period???? I am clueless.. its like science... and I hate science. :)

Happy 4th! Today we are going to pick up my 5 nieces and nephews and we are heading out to my aunts on the lake, it is a beautiful day and we are going to have a blast!!!! Mic is out setting up her hammock and she is determined to lay in it until it is time to leave. She is adorable. I love her.