Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I laugh....

The Big Boss got a computer while I was on vacation.


Let me explain.... we are a very high class funeral home in a very high class area. High class fancy shmanse is not really my cup o' tea -- but that is neither here nor there. It was very surprising on my first day, that in the office/work station there were only two computers. One of which was always turned off. This place is HUGE and there are 9 employees... and I couldn't figure out why there was only one working computer.

Then I was here for a day and I realized how Blonde Ambition was a crazy in the head-- and that she would go around turning everything off. Even computers. At one point (down the road, of course, I didn't want them to see my bossy personality right away!) -- I tried explaining how convenient it would be to have it turned on-- yanno-- so people could work on it. Out of the question. I may as well have been asking her to pay my house mortgage for a year.

Then I was here for a week-- and I realized that no one knew anything about computers... and anytime Big Boss would want me to do something for him on the computer he would say--- "Casey-- can you google (blahblahblah)?" Like.."Casey-- can you google this letter?".... Everything was googled. It was hilarious-- and I still find it quite amusing.

So... Big Boss has been begging Blonde Ambition for two years to get him a computer. At first I was like.. No. He doesn't need one. I need a job. I need to keep googling. You can't learn how to google. Then came the day that he sat at my computer and started click-clickclicklclick-clickityclickclicking everything --- everywhere (not even knowing how the mouse worked-- just that it clicked)..... *exhale* my job is going no where... my place here is secure. The little computer things gave Big Boss joy--- he was completely boggled when I ordered his pictures through wal*greens, and he could go down the road and pick them up in an hour...I could change the route on a map simply by dragging a dot to a road he would much rather take, we could look at pictures of people homes right from the street..... bananas.

I was very surprised to see the shiny new computer sitting in his extravagant, antique filled office when I came back from vacation. Blonde Ambition was tossing around the idea of getting one for him -- but I honestly didn't think it would happen.

Yesterday I showed him how to google antique stores in cities on the west coast. He was giddy and wide eyed like a school girl. Today I showed him how to download his pictures from his camera- and how to look at them.... and turn them the correct direction. He was laughing and smiling and grabbed my hand and said.... "CASEY!!! This is FASCINATING!!! You have opened up a whole new world to me!!! I feel like designing homes!" (I have no idea what that means)

He has been in his office for 3.5 hours.

Tomorrow I think I am going to show him how he can listen to his Frank Sinatra c.d's... he is going to go caaaarraaazzzzyyyyy!!!!!

Side note- since turning 36 last week, I have found out that I have plantar fasciitis and I have hypothyroidism. I have no comment about that.

Side note (part duex) - Thank you guys so much for reading my day-to-day.... and making comments-- you guys make me laugh, and I appreciate all the warm fuzzies.

Part Tres.... Rebecca is still at the hospital with her dad....

Monday, October 26, 2009


to my friend and housemate, Rebecca and her father. She was called to the hospital last night as her father, who for one short week was on a lung transplant list, is now fighting to stay alive.

He is her rock.

He was just here 3 weeks ago... this has all gone so quickly.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Vacation Bullets.

I have been on vacation for the last 9 days. I know I needed it... and now I am absolutely dreading going back to work.

What I have been up to

  • shopping. every day. Tuesday was my last day of ho-hum. I changed my attitude and warmed up my debit card.
  • wii. I can't even hold a pen in my right hand. It is so used to holding a wii controller thing. Upside, I am apparently a much better golfer (at least in video form) then I ever thought I was. My big boobs don't even get in the way..who woulda' thunk?
  • Estate sales are where it is AT. Especially the estate of a gay caterer/ florist/ decorator. God rest his soul... but thanks for leaving so much great crap behind! Crate and Barrel huge hurricane thing, $2.50..beautiful brand new white sheets....50 cents, 2 brand new mag lite flashlights $1.00, one martini shaker...$1.00, new J Crew scarf....25 cents....I am now dreaming of the stuff that I didn't buy. That mistake wont happen twice.
  • Apparently when you paint cribs you need special paint? Is this true? I have so much to learn.
  • I have a lot to do for Halloween in the next 7 days.... and I have a cold. A drag out knock down cold.... but that wont prevent me from buying some new shoes.
  • My friend anne was in a car accident this week- she has a broken leg...read about her accident over at her blog... many healing thoughts her way....the passenger in the other car has passed away...very sad. I am thankful Anne is still here.
  • I am over bullets
  • my cold medicine is kicking in
  • maybe I have time for a game of wii tennis before I pass out.
  • maybe not.
  • I am going to turn this off and go to bed.
  • but it wont stop making <---- those bullets.

okay. got it. NyQuil rocks.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I have become boring.

I had so many plans for my staycation.

So far... all I have done is feel guilty for all the things I should be doing...and cried over all the g-d baby shows on TLC. Oh- and returned a library book and ran because I thought they would tackle me for late charges... and got dog food... and went swimming... and baked cookies... and did laundry. ..and made dinner... and drove through a really awesome old cemetery....

Wait one stinkin minute. I have been kinda busy... and it is only TUESDAY. I am bummed because I wont be seeing Nonny up in Oskosh-b'gosh tomorrow as her little Fiona is sick. I don't do well with sick...so we are re-scheduling.

I also scouted out the new Burlington Coat Factory down the way. Granted, it is a little um.. well.. *ahem*... I wont go there. It was interesting, and they had one zillion purses... and I will go back.. perhaps on a Sunday morning right when they open and before all the crazies that take the bus there looking for a warm place to hang while they stuff their pockets full of god-knows-what get there. Cuz they have lots of purses. woot.

I have to stop dreading going back to the mess that will be waiting for me at work.

That is all. I have to go get some more kleenex and settle in for more weepy shows about newborns.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Take it easy, cheesey.

I need to slow down a bit. Stand back and be really thankful for TODAY. Live for today. The future is as planned as it possibly can be, and my only job right now is to enjoy today.

Why can't I?

I am always waiting on the edge of my seat for tomorrow andthenextdayandthenextdayandthenextday.


Today is a GREAT day. The rain is nourishing the earth, it is quiet in the funeral home, I get to see my sister tonight and yabba dabba do. TODAY I am loved, I have wonderful people in my life, I am blessed with a good job, loving parents, and a supportive family. I have laughed today, and I have cried today. I have already met two families that are truly amazing considering the loss they are dealing with.

Slow the hell down, woman. Smell the fall air. Enjoy TODAY.


--so- Sunday I went out to my 'rents and sat and shot the shit for many hours - true (insert my last name here) fashion. Sitting around the kitchen table, eating cheese and crackers, drinking root beer and solving the worlds problems. My mom, (who, when she found out I was dating women (back in the mid-90's) told me never to speak of it again in her home, and never to embarrass the family with all of my sin) asked me point blank about my relationship with Mic and our domestic partnership and what it means, and why can't we get married in Wisconsin, and my dad chimed in with his own opinion-- that it is stupid that we don't have the same rights as a married couple - that it doesn't effect anyone, so what is the big deal?


My parents.
MY PARENTS said they support my relationship.

Don't get me wrong- I know they adore Mic, they have found pleasure in my previous partners, and have enjoyed them as well-- but they have never said those words before. Affirmation.

What a day for the record books!

Friday, October 9, 2009

72 degrees--- the follow up.

1st- did anyone see Oprah yesterday with the hoarders? I was hoping for so much more from that show-- and a follow up (like, cameras in the house) of that woman from Milwaukee with the rotting pumpkins in the living room (and so much more-- if you can- go to A&E . com and watch that one.. barf) I dunno-- I felt a little cheated..I am kind of over Op's (we tight like that) I am looking for juicy.. I may have to change to dvr'ing Dr. Phil again.


I spoke to Mic about my concerns over her thoughts about our future. She took the criticism with a level head (surprise, right?) and she said... "what I see for our future goes like this:
I am going to make my way up in the ranks at work and make great money, we are going to move somewhere without so much snow but SOME so we can at least make snowballs for Cosmo... and then you are going to stay home to take care of our family."

She will make that happen. I feel better knowing those things. At least she has plans. At least she thinks about it.

I got my costume for our big Halloween party... I have to make some of it.. but it is going to be... bababababab (that is a drum) wait... dumdumdumdudmdm (you get it )

Sister Mary Martini.

I have the nun outfit. I am going to make a rosary out of polymer clay olives, beads and instead of a crucifix out of a little Pravda vodka bottle... its going to rock the hizzy. Rebbecca might be Sister Mary Margarita.

Mic doesn't think she is going to dress up. (oi) Unless Rebecca makes her a shirt that says.. "Boo-Humbug" get it??? she is so clever.

I am rambling. That's what I get for a MASSIVE OVER SIZED mug of coffee (3 parts creamer to 24 parts sugar to 1 part coffee) and no breakfast.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

72 degrees

That is what my housemate calls Mic.

She is exactly correct. Mic is 72 degrees.

She is the most level headed, non excitable, realist, the power of now, plan for the day, glass is half full girl I know. Her favorite saying.. "What will happen will happen- there is no reason to use so much energy on stressing over it"

I am the complete opposite.. I am 0 to 60 in 3.5. I laugh too loud, I worry, I get excited over EVERY positive thing that happens, I cry for those who are hurting, I hold grudges, I day dream about my future, I day dream about EVERYTHING, I talk way too much, I easily get worked up, I dilly dally, I smell the roses, I putz.

Polar opposites.

It amazes me that 72 degrees can love 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds. (And the opposite)

Lately, though, I have been craving a day dreaming partner.... an "imagine our future" partner....I need her to tell me that she looks forward to our future-- and I need to know what she desires for our future. I do know that what she tells me.... that WILL happen. Because in her 72 degree soul, there is no reason to day dream about it if you aren't going to make it happen. And, she will have a very specific laid out plan on how to get there.

I would never ask her to change who she is.... I am just needing some reassurance, as my over-excitable, wildly always thinking mind needs to know that somewhere... in the "in-between" of US... we are headed in the same direction.

Tell me about your partners- are you clones of one another? How do you balance one another out? How do you deal with differences?

winner winner?

I think I am supposed to go tell people about this contest and tell them to sign up as you have a fantastic chance to win some great stuff from a couple of very hip soon-to-be dads!

But don't.

I want the treasures.

There is nothing to see behind the curtain.


Jeve- this counts right? harhar.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I haven't blogged. Thank you, Nonny and Annie Bannanie for reminding me.

Why haven't I blogged?



I have to really THINK about what has been going on..

cleaning, packer parties, headaches, layin' round, dog walking, family time, working, obsessing about storage unit auctions (thank you Adventures in Babymaking), reading (gawd- the 4th Twilight book SUCKS ARSE!), laundry (where DOES it all come from- I can't even begin to imagine how much there will be with kid!), fake nails, Halloween party planning, internet shopping, house re-doing, income property thinking.. and waiting patiently for my vacation (I plan on estate sailing, visiting, sleeping late, making dinners, and celebrating my b-day!)


Yup- I think that is just about it.

I hope all is well out there in blog land.. there are exciting things going on out there! Babies, relationships, moving, FUN!!!!

duh- my brother. Well.. news is that he is now telling us he works at a strip club.. as a bartender. I am fine with this. If it means he is working- okay. Whatev. (Though-we don't know what the truth is)

So. My sister called my mom to update her and said.. "Mom, he is working in a strip club"... my mom fell silent for a moment.. " a strip club?!?! HE IS STRIPPING??"


My brother resembles Chris Farley with brown hair.

No.Mom. He isn't stripping.

She is heart broken-- but I can't stop giggling from that reaction.