Monday, June 21, 2010

we tight like that.

You know.. me and my new bestie, Brittany.

Maybe I am just looking too much into the way she wanted to "see me again" for a "private interview". Yeah. We all know.

I am happy to report that the first interview is tucked tightly under our belt. The next interview is Wednesday. Just me and her.... and all of our financial ickyness. I will now be obsessing until then. The classes we need to take are in August. Hurry up and wait! Thank the universe it isn't the middle of winter and I was snowed in and waiting. I would need medication. I have a feeling we will have a long wait until it is our time, so, I suppose I should get used to it!

We have a long list of smoke detectors to put up. We already have 4 in our house. Our house is a crackerjack box....literally. I suppose one can never have TOO many smoke detectors to wave a magazine in front of every time I decide to cook. We also need to buy a fire extinguisher and some cabinet locks. Not too bad!

I loved Mark's comment in my last post.... that made me laugh. I was FREAKING OUT before she got here, about the candles not being lit, and what if a tumbleweed of fur goes by while she is sitting here, Cosmo drops ass, or WHAT IF... ugh. Turns out I had nothing to worry about. She loved the house, and neither Cosmo or I dropped ass.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


A person from the Ch1ldrens Serv1ces called today.

I will call her Brittany.

She is coming over on Monday for our first walk through. She wanted to come tomorrow.



Monday will be good. It will give me time to de-dog hair.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Milw@ukee Pride and breaking the news

I am not really in the mood to write, and I don't know exactly why I sat down at the computer. I am hoping that by taking my mind off of other things happening that are disappointing, and concentrating on the good, I will change my mood.

This weekend was the Milwaukee Pridefest! We had a really wonderful probably landed real close to the top of the "Best Pride Yet" pride scale. Milwaukee is really blessed with a large Pride, and I have written about it before. Three days, on the shores of Lake Michigan, multiple stages, a very large "club" tent, kids areas, heath and wellness areas, fireworks... this year the headliners were Kathy Griffin, Patti La Belle, and Joan Rivers. I found a lot of really great entertainment on smaller stages, though. Today (Sunday) was the Pride parade, which was pretty okay. The coolest thing about the parade was that there was an airshow going on at the lakefront as well-- and every once in a while the Blue Angels (???) would fly over in formation. There was a guy there from Minnesota who was not only straight but has never been to a pride parade before, and I had him convinced that the fly overs were set up just for the gays. I had him for a while, too :)

I think of all the places around this country that have NO pride events or gatherings, and I feel pretty lucky to have ours. It was so nice to see so many families with children, parents with their gay teens, and older pflag parents.... It was a really nice atmosphere. I have difficulty when we turn the corner, though, and there are the groups of... well.. I don't know.. I don't want to call names, or anything.. but, like.. the leather guys with asses hanging out, the women with everything but leaves over their boobs, the furries, or the just... "different" a crowd of already kinda different people. I always freak out thinking-- okay--- what if a straight family or couple came down to the fest trying to be open minded or wanted to teach their kids about diversity etc.... what would they say when they saw those fest-goers?

Is it bad for me to wish for normality in my community? Just a little more blending in, please. But yet, not totally. Maybe it is just me who feels uncomfortable... and * I * should figure out why the actions of others affect me that way. Because really, what they do is their business, right?

You know, the news stations and cameras gravitate towards the odd ducks. They are the ones who make the 10:00 broadcast... and I cringe.

Is it like that at all Prides? How do you feel about it?

Outside of that (which, honestly, doesn't come in the way of me having a great time), it was TONS of fun. I laughed hard. I love my friends. I don't have many, but those that I let in, I am blessed to have. I dropped Mic and her friend Wendy off at the gates this afternoon, and I am waiting to hear from them to go scoop them in the car and bring them home.

Other news.... our references for the foster/adoption have received their paperwork. They are filling it all out. It is so weird. It is all moving FORWARD!!! Because of the quickness of this happening combined with Mic's procrastination... we never got a chance to tell her mom and dad of our plans.... and Mic listed them as references. So, once I heard from one of MY references... we realized that mom and dad would have gotten THEIR paperwork, and we would have to tell them over speaker phone. NOT the way I had it all worked up in my head. I didn't even get to use the props I have been holding onto for over a year.

It was good... Mic's mom cried.. her dad was steady... and Mic bawled. It actually was really touching. They are thrilled. Mic's mom promptly told us that she will have to get a second job so she can spoil the kid rotten- and that she hopes we are blessed before Christmas. Mic was on the ball and instructed them that anything they buy said kid will remain at their house.

My girl, she is smart.

I have lots of pictures of the weekend to download, lots more on my mind.... but I really just want to go drink some water to get over this rum and french fry induced bloat and go to bed. It is so weird.. at my new job I have to work. A LOT.

To look update my facebook I have to take the phone into the bathroom with me.

How lame.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Road trip!

I am in the second day (Monday was a holiday, of course) of my week off before starting my new job. I have been taking advantage of this time and doing really REALLY fun things like..... matching socks, cleaning out my car, cleaning out the fridge and... CLEANING it, laundry, scrubbing the shower... you know, those awwweessommee activities. *insert eye roll and sarcastic mouth scrunch here*

Then starting last night I started having fun. My friend Anne called me and said. "I AM BREAKING OUT... I am going to get ice cream and you are coming with me.... I have the mini van and I am picking you up." I can't tell you how much I needed to get out of the house last night. My hormones were all over the board, and ice cream was the medicine that I needed. We had a great conversation and laughs.

This morning I woke up (a little late) and headed on a road trip to Oshkosh to see my dear and old friend, Amy - I affectionately call her Nonny after a Violent Femmes song. I had my driving music blasting on my ipod, and the weather was perfect. We sat and yabba dabba'd at her house for a while, went to get deeelish 'za at Cr@nky Pat's.. and then we went to take her daughter, Fiona, to a playground. This is where I broke out the geocaching. Nonny has made fun of me for enjoying this since the moment I mumbled an explanation of what it was. She swore up and down that it was nerdy. Well, folks.... I converted another. Do I get a toaster oven for THIS too? (that is a lesbian joke, Non.) We picked up her son, Finnegan, from school and took HIM to find some caches, too. No luck on those.

We had a really fun day together. I wish we were able to see each other more often. I hope my future son/daughter *knock on wood* will get to know his/her Aunty Nonny and Uncle Mikey and their cousins well.

Oconomowoc happens to be on my way home-ish.. or at least I made it that way so I could stop and surprise my parents. They love that... since I am their "littlest angel" I know, gag me, right? NO. I AM. hhaha.. They quickly set a plate for me, made me some fish and we gabbed away. We were watching the birds at the feeders, I explained at mine (outside my bedroom window, nonetheless) I am getting nothing but rats with wings. Gross city birds. I want colorful. As we were sitting there... there were robins, blue jays, cardinals and yellow finch. Then, a turkey came out of the woods and was wandering around. As we sat there and watched it, my dad mentioned that he hasn't seen a deer lately, then BAM... a deer and a little baby deer.. what are those called.. fawns, itty bitty deer, um... I know there is a word for them. It was bizarre. He was like..."holy hell.. that is the weirdest thing ever". I said he should mention something about not winning the lottery lately, either. But, that didn't work... or at least not yet.. MUUAAAHHAHAHAAAA.

Tomorrow I am going to change out my bike seat to a less vag numbing seat, and go for a ride with a bunch of old lesbians. I hope I don't die.

Happy Wednesday people.

ps. application has been sent.