Sunday, November 29, 2009


We are back and had an AWESOME time! We made the train down to Chicago by the skin of our was a packed train! I LOVED every moment of it. I could seriously sit there to people watch and listen in on conversations ALL DAY.

We made our way to the Shedd Aquarium where we had to battle the crowds of their busiest weekend of the year, apparently. Thank goodness it was a BEAUTIFUL day out and we could wait in the hour long line in the sunshine..

It was really cool! I would like to go back on a day without 40392344 little kids smearing their hands all over every single piece of glass in the joint... but, I took it for what it was, and felt sorry for the parents who were dealing with 192 degrees and recirculated air. Little stagnant. Michelle loved the Beluga Whales..
You can see her face in the reflection of the glass.. this was the "under water view" of them...

We spent many hours walking around the Shedd, then walked out into an equally beautiful night in the city.
I think it is hilarious, that because we travel alone, 97% of our photos are arm length self portraits. They don't turn out the greatest... but it proves we were both THERE. :)

We headed back to the burbs on the train, where in front of us, there was a single young blonde sitting, and by god, a dark haired sporty dyke took the seat next to her on the crowded train. Of course I was all up in the kool-aide.. and I SWEAR it was ADORABLE watching the dark haired one trying to get the blondes story. Then the blonde had to get off at her stop.... Tear. It had all the works of a lesbo love story..... *sigh*... the best (or worst--whatev) part came when the blonde got off the train, and then the dark haired one made a phone call...and she was promptly dumped over the phone. Ouch!

What I continue to find odd about the train-- is how many people just crack beers while I have 30 min. I think I am going to pack some millers in my purse just in case I get thirsty. Normal everyday Joes and Janes...crackin' cold ones. Do people do that on the bus, too?

Yes. I love people watching and conversation dipping THAT MUCH. Don't judge.

That night we had dinner at JJ Twigs... 'lish!

While we go on our weekends down to the city, we stay in the Hotel Indigo... I love it there.. they have Aveda products!

On Sunday it was rainy and cold... perfect weather for an afternoon at Ikea! We got a new picture for the living room and once again my candles and dinner napkins are fully stocked!

When we made our way back, we decided to hit a joint that was featured on The Food Network's Diners Drive-in's and D*ves - I had the BEST salmon I have EVER had.

Home again home again, jiggity jig!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

A stir in the hizzy...

Rebecca's mom, grandma and sister are here for the weekend. It was AWESOME hearing them all chitter chatter and laugh in the house last night.

This gives Mic and I an opportunity to head on down to Illinois, park our car and jump on a train to Chicago. We are going to visit the aquarium... which is a million dollars to get in-- it better be worth it! And then we are going to bum around- spend the night near the race track out in the burbs and hit I*kea tomorrow!

After a week of her being sick, laying on the couch and do-do talking -- I am ready to go have some FUN!

I informed her last night that my leniency on the do-do talking is over. If she wants to have sex at some point this weekend, it stops now. Woah... that WORKED! I didn't hear do-do talking for the rest of the night :)

Have a great weekend all!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


It is raining again.

It's like I am in Forks.

* tee hee *

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

You want me to find WHO?

So, I just watched Find M* Fam*ly.

Did anyone else see it?

I am not really sure about this show. Not only the fact they were in Brookfield and it looked like a ho-dunk farm town. I am sitting in Brookfield as I type. I can't tell you where one farm is.

I had troubles when the host said to the birth parents of Jennie... "you have a grandchild!"
And then to the birth parents children... "you are aunts and uncles!" I was thinking-- wait.. they JUST MET. It takes a lot to make a family...

Perhaps I am being a bit harsh? It was good, though- that at the end, Jennie said.. "well, I don't know where this is going".. and I thought it was nice that Jennies mom would tuck her in and they would say 'thank you' for bringing Jennie to their family.

It kind of just pushed the adopted parents out of the picture.

I dunno.



Well, I am sucking at this 30 in November deal. I have time to catch up-- I am always stronger in the end, anyways. Whatever that means.... I think it means that I have always been able to cover my ass.

I have found my new crack.. stumbleupon dot com OMGZ. Go. Now. Just GO. It is just what a girl with a boring job needs. Sign up for free, check off your interests, and go "stumbling" and you are directed to all kinds of websites you never knew existed. Then you can "like" them... and you will then have records of where you went and go back to the ones you like! It is a god send.

Turkey day is about to sneak up on us. This year has flown by! Holiday's are always a bit of a struggle in my head. I want to much for Mic and I to have traditions when it comes to holidays... but as great as it is, at the same time, it is sometimes inconvenient to have two families that want to spend time with us on the holidays. So. For Thanksgiving and Easter we go our own ways. For Christmas Eve we spend it with her family and on Christmas day we are with mine. I honestly wish we had a large enough house to have everyone over. That would be my dream. Everyone can bring something... we will host. Over. Done. No more figuring out where we are going... how is everyone getting there? How long will it last because what if the weather is bad and we have to drive all the way back? Is so and so going to be there, what if he drinks too much brandy? UGH. Kinda over it. Though, Thanksgiving is one of my favorites because we can just go and be kinda casual. No gifts... just being thankful for blessings. GIFTS are overrated. UGH. Don't even get me started on that topic.

My "thankful" over the last 12 months.
  • Mic is employed
  • Domestic partnership
  • Domestic partnership benefits at Mic's new employment
  • Rebecca
  • New friendships
  • Medical diagnosis
  • One more year. I am blessed as many people don't make it to 36
  • My job
  • My parents health
  • My parents acceptance
  • Organization

I probably will continue with this list as we get closer to thanksgiving... and it may come in handy when I need more entries to get to 30. See. I cover my arse.


Healing prayers to Jude.... The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it. Once you choose hope, anything is possible.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Coupl'a questions

So.. I have been trying to find more blogs to read outside the TTC community as I am no longer TTC. I am just looking for lesbo blogs, plain ol' lesbos that are funny, have families.. or not.. whatev. I am not dissing my blogging roots, just expanding.

What are your favorites?

Also.. remember El Snoro, the boss that sleeps half the day? Well the scoop is that he has debt out the wazoo and, since I answer the phones here, I take all of his collection calls. I take their names, numbers and where they are calling from and post that information under his name on a huge tack board.

A few things have crossed my mind.... First and foremost I don't judge because I, too, have had issues with debt. Many of us have! But dear god if I EVER had anyone call me at my WORK?!?! No way jose. I would be HORRIFIED!!! And then to have this information posted under my name?? I would put an end to that ASAP! He sees the notes and does this fake "my story is bogus so I am talking too loud" thing, as if I am an idiot and actually think that Capital 1 is calling to offer him a is along the same lines as the "I am lying... so I am fake yawning" thing (please tell me I am not the only one who knows about these dead giveaways!). 2nd.. I have WORKED in collections. (yes. it sucked.) Doing collections on everything from health club membership dues to hospital bills to actually having to go hunt down people and TAKE THEIR CARS. Yes. Me. I did that. Sorry. So, I know that in the state of Wisconsin you can tell them to stop calling your work... and they can't call your work. simple.

My question is WWYGD? What would you gals do? Would you approach El Snoro and ask him to tell his creditors to stop calling work as it is easily up to 7 or 8 times a day on most days. Or, would you continue your post it note mosaic of messages on the tack board?

ps. I am sorry if my grammar sucks in my posts.... I am usually doing them in several segments so my internetting goes under Blonde Ambitions radar. I don't ALWAYS have the grammatical talents of a 3rd grader.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

our path

I took the idea from Earth*Ocean*Baby to write down my path.. my story about how I got to where I am right now.

I thought it would be a good idea.. I have lots of of great stories... but after I wrote and wrote about college and friends and relationships and how I came back to Milwaukee and then meeting Mic- I realized that I am FAR more interested in hearing other peoples life stories. I always have been the person that asks a lot of questions... without fear... because people ALWAYS answer. I love it! I love hearing what people think and why and "what happened then"... laugh with them at the great endings or cry at the sad outcomes... Not because I am going to judge them... but because I love how similar peoples lives are, how we can really LEARN from other peoples mistakes and A+ decisions. How we weave these webs....

I have ALWAYS wanted to go into counseling of some sort. I truly believe it was my calling. I think that is why people can open up to me... I feel SO LUCKY that people feel comfortable around me.... My mom talked me out of that major when I was going off to school and my dad talked me into business. Ew. That was the completely wrong direction from the path that I should have taken.

I often wonder about going back... and wish there were some sort of "short cut" of that I had the inside scoop on some AWESOME job that doesn't take as much schooling as traditionally would be needed for counseling.

I am brain is in a million different lists are long right now, and I can't seem to focus on completion of any task on them. We have a busy weekend ahead of us. Tomorrow I am meeting Amy half way between here and there :) and we are going to have fish and a glass of wine and talk talk talk talk.. I can't WAIT! Saturday Mo and Greg are coming down for a fondue and wine party at a friends house... that should be a hoot...(I am SO ready to GO TO a party instead of hosting one) then the cherry on top, a Sunday with my girl.. aaahhh.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


from CJ over at Don't Lick the Ferrets.

Because I feel as if I am entering a pms related funk. Step away from the bloated girl with a big zit on her nose... she might eat you if you at all resemble a Reese's peanut butter cup.

Outside my window is a parking lot full of little hippy landscaper workers all bundled up in winter gear decorating the building of my employment.

I am thinking about microderm abrasion and laser hair removal.

I am thankful for every moment. They are all blessings... even the kinda shitty ones. Literally.

I am wearing trouser socks that are too tight. Don't worry- I have clothes on too... the usual.. grey and black. That seems to be what my wardrobe consists of.

I am remembering today has been a road down memory lane for me... thinking about past relationships, old friends, times gone by.. thinking about the different places and situations my life has ended up in.

I am reading Jillian Michaels "Mastering Your Metabolism" VERY interesting.. but I am ready for some mushy love story.

On my mind "its 2:22...sonofa.... it's ONLY TWO TWENTY TWO. Should I even HAVE lunch now? I wonder how long microderm abrasion takes? Probably not as long as this meme"

Pondering these words How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours. – Wayne Dyer (from Dyke Evolutions blog) I dig it.

From the kitchen what? What from the kitchen? I don't get this one.. From the Kitchen I am imagining that hot Latino doctor from Grey's Anatomy bringing me my lunch? hm.

Around the house is lots of love... and laughter.... and dog hair.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I can't get rid of it.

It might be all the fake work I have been doing (at work) while waiting to get busy again. Life isn't easy going when there is NOTHING GOING ON. I can only fake make up more forms (that we already have)....or fake look through file cabinets trying to find a fake dead person's file.... for a fake reason.

I wish I had something really great to blog about tonight. Instead, my head is pounding... and I am just going to go to bed.

Monday, November 16, 2009


when stuff like this happens..

Mic and I were walking through a large box store in the area... and I pointed out some super cute little kids doc martin-ish looking boots ...(bright colored and adorable)

and she said.. I would rather look at the little baby she went over, picked up her favorite pair, and moved them as if a baby was wearing them, running toward me.

Yesterday she said... "I read the top three boy's names for newborns.... our name isn't on the list"

It surprises me when she talks about our future with children, as she isn't someone who lives in the future... that is me. It means that she is thinking about it.... that makes me smile.

Rebecca, our housemate, has already been here 6 months! I can't believe it! There isn't a moment I regret the decision to have her move in with us.... she is truly a great friend.... it will be REALLY sad to see her go, but it will mean new doors opening.

Oh, and I wont allow her to move outside of the neighborhood. I am already stocking up wine for next summer on the deck. Winter can't come and go fast enough!

catching up!

This weekend was a complete whirlwind!

Things accomplished: lots of laughs with my nephew and nieces while sitting them.... teaching them things that only an aunt can get away with.....laundry (sort of)... hooking....visiting with my parents and brother... and just general business.

When I went out to see the 'rents, I brought my new craft to show my mom. She surprises me around every turn, I swear. As I am showing her she says, "I just found all of my hooking stuff in a bin upstairs under your old bed." I was sure she meant something else. We went upstairs and she pulls out a big Rubbermaid bin, and proceeds to show me all of the projects she has done, and her supplies and things.... I said, "Mom! When did you do this??! I had no IDEA"... her reply was... "You just weren't paying attention". That hurt my heart.

As a younger woman, I think I was so consumed in my own crazy relationships and life in general, that I didn't even know my mother was so good at this art form.... she took classes and all! From this moment forward.... I will pay more attention.

My mom has had an artful past.... folk singer, guitar player, painter, knitter....she threw pots, sewed quilts, she has a knowledge for the arts, antiques and continues to surprise me with her artistic photographs....

As she was going through everything she said..."More recently, I bought this kit"... it was the same one that I bought, from the same store, and the same woman sold it to us.

We think alike....and I love that!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Bad dog mama

Once a week we send our dog, Cosmo, to C*entral B*ark Doggy Daycare here in the city. We have done this for 4 years-- sometimes more often during week, all depending on our financial situation. Depending on the doggy day care and the area that it is in, you may be dealing with some real.. oh, lets just say "dog people". We are not those people. Just because we don't have his face tattooed on our back doesn't mean we don't love him just the same.

I walked into the location on Tuesday morning in my usual manner... hair dripping wet, pulling up my socks, stepping on the heel of my shoe because it is only half on.... running 15 minutes late because I felt the need to mindlessly sit in front of facebook for 30 minutes after getting out of the shower.

I stopped in my tracks when I saw a colorful sign.... "Happy Birthday Cosmo!!!!" right there in the lobby. I looked... looked down a my dog.... looked at the daycare worker who was cheerfully skipping towards me singing happy birthday to my mutt.... and I said, "uh.. oh.. ummm.. MY dog, Cosmo? It's his birthday??!?" She looked at me like I just asked her to clip my toenails. "yes!" it is his BIRTHDAY!"


I die.

"well.. YES! of course it is!!!!! How silly! I forgot his treats for his friends at home... obviously, by the state of my hair and accessories, I am running VERY late-- I forgot them! Uhh.. yeah.. I will bring them NEXT week! He will be non the wiser"

and I ran. Shoe flipp-flopping and all...

I made Mic pick him up, as I wouldn't be able to handle any more horrible dog mom humiliation.

She came home wit his yearly photo and special treat-- and said.. "HEY! It's Cosmo's birthday!"

That makes two of us.

Jen over at Dyke Evolution just lost her dear Gracie suddenly...without warning. Her dog who never judged and only loved was gone from her physical life. I hugged Cosmo extra hard the day I read about that, because I DO know how much love a pet can give and truly become part of your family.
I know I am very lucky to have had 4 years with my big lug.....

from this, four years ago:

To this... Cosmo's fourth birthday!

I just made his day

by changing Big Boss's homepage to Google.


I got an phone call at the funeral home a couple weeks ago from a gentleman regarding his long lost buddy who, he thought, just lost his wife. He has a group of friends from high school that get together every year here in Milwaukee for a reunion... it has been going on for 40 years. They lost track of this "buddy" who he thinks is listed in one of our deceased's obituary.

He was VERY nervous even talking to ME about this.... his voice was shaky and you could tell he felt uncomfortable... because if it WASN'T his old buddy, he didn't want to intrude, or confuse this man.

I explained that the best thing, the easiest thing, would be to write an email to the funeral home-- pass on your condolence and explain who you are and the reunion etc... he didn't want to.. I finally convinced him of this.. a few days later I received his email, and passed it on to the widower.

This morning I came in and there was another email from this guy. It was full of thanks and excitement as it WAS his buddy, and the whole gang is getting together soon for their reunion and everyone is so excited to see him again.

It warmed my heart-- that good friends have contact again, especially during this really rough time of loss.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

new obsession

i thought my new obsession was going to be knitting - but it has turned into folk aet rug hooking but in fun modern colors and patterns, cuz i am not a log cabin artsy fartsy kinda gal.

and yes i am typing w/ 1 hand - i am a warrior - an acrylic nail remover warrior.


I didn't keep up on my ripped off idea of "30 Days of Thanks"

So...because my mind is in 400 different directions right now... comes my list o' three for the day:

1. 50 degree days in November.
2. Popcorn dinners
3. Crossing things off of the list.

oh-- and a couple more:

4. Pandora Radio
5. sour gum
6. hand holding.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

what is happening to kids today?

My co-workers and I were talking yesterday about the state of affairs.... and those god-damned kids.... trouble makers.. ALL OF THEM.


But, actually, we were having a pretty interesting little vent fest--- what IS happening to kids-- are they too spoiled, are parents too anxious to be their friends and not their mentors and authority figures? What happened to manners? Why are public schools scary places? What happened to listening to adults? What happened to worth ethic?

It seems like there are so many kids thrown to the wayside... not learning the basics... and then they are having kids and those kids are having kids... its a mad cycle.


I know I sound like a cranky no-kid 98 year old lady with a pie tin on her head, burying her uterus in her garden.... but I am not. I am a simple 36 year old woman... who will have a family in the next something or another--

I found this blog by surfing other blogs-- you know--it leads you to this blog- then that one.. and you can't remember how you got there-- yanno-- that vortex we all get swept into--

I love it.

Obviously it can be switched up-- mom/dad/daughters/sons...

Some are silly-- some are right on--- some are throw out-- But it is cute.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Weeked update.

Okay- I have both hands now- acrylics are mostly off-- disguised okay. I am mainly not pointing at things, and tuck my fingers when people are around me.

Acrylics? What the hell was I thinking? So. not. me. (anymore) I am way too fat for pretty hands. Don't mind me- I have fallen apart physically, but lookie me fingies..... aren't they beautiful?...... Biiiggg girrrl in a littllee cooaattt... but, my nails sparkle!

Weekend-- well-- it was beautiful. I need to find a climate to move to that is 60ish/70ish degrees year round. No snow. Just comfie and cheap. Oh, and I need to have someone cover my moving expenses, and find me a job.

Mic and I cleaned up and winterized the yard, preparing for the snow. I cleaned the inside. We had a fantastic dinner at Hectors in the hippy Bay View. We had a GREAT time, met new gals, and they were really nice and fun.

Heard about a relationship that has ended.... very sad. Isn't it awkward when friends break up-- who gets who? Can I stay friends? Do we still talk? Take sides? How can you NOT ask for details and then give your own opinion-- I am really good at giving my opinion (and not very good when people don't TAKE it. Don't people know I know best? oivey.)

As far as the Vegas vacation-- apparently the last family vacation they went on was many years ago-- Mic brought her partner at the time-- and by the end of the vacation, they weren't speaking, and shortly after that Mic and her partner broke up. So, there have been rules for this one: we are all staying on separate floors of the hotel, we are doing our own thing for the most part during the day and perhaps meeting up at night (or vice versa), we aren't sitting by one another on the plane... and very important: Mic and I are working on some sort of verbal or physical sign to signal when I have had enough of her bro-in-law's smart mouth (actually- very opposite) and I am about to drop kick him.

Mic made up those rules, except for the last one.

I am doing Rebecca's dad's Orders of Service for the service tomorrow- and Mic and I are driving out to Madison after work to attend the visitation...

Sunday, November 8, 2009

typing with one hand

because i am in the process of removing my acrylics. we just got back from sunday family dinner at mics house.

we are going on a family vacation to vegas next october,

i have a lot to say that takes two hands

they are very accepting people - i just don't know that they are family vacation kinda people.

i am supposed to face my fears.

rebecca's dad's funeral is tomorrow - there is a sadness in the house. i wish i could say the right thing to make her feel better.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

a beautiful day

It is 60+ degrees here in loverly Wisconsin.

it is GORGEOUS out... why, you ask, am I sitting on the computer?

Because I am hiding in the basement, as our friend is here picking up something and yabba dabba doing upstairs....and I STANK. I am being quiet. Like a little mouse.

I need a shower.

Today is yard clean up, open the windows, house clean up , and off to dinner with friends tonight.

There are no more parties for us this year. We are done. We are going to be graciously attending, dish in hand, OTHER peoples party's.

Parties... party's... I suck at grammar.

She is gone. I am going to shower.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Two things....

I am sitting here at my desk, and at the next desk, the general manager is SNORING HIS HEAD OFF.

Do I wake him?

b) I found Becky and CJ on Facebook-- where are the rest of you? eh?

and not a happy p.s....

Rebecca has been called to the hospital again... her dad wont be able to survive without life support. They are having a family meeting-- and she is in charge of making funeral arrangements--

There is no greater pain than to say good-bye to someone who is so dear to you.

That is a pain I wish upon no one.

My heart completely shatters for her and her family.

oh NO!

I didn't post! I missed Thursday!!!

Even worse: my aloe vera died on Farmville.


I was too busy kicking arse in Wii.

I am re-thinking the Ouija. Maybe I will just visit psychics.

I am running so late - I can here Rebecca stirring upstairs. I need to get in the shower. .. right after I re-plant my aloe vera.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

voices from the past

I have been obsessing about getting an Ouija board.

My roomies and I bought one when I lived in Madison. That was during my bible thumping days, and after using it once, I swore that it was the fruit of the devil, and we let loose a raging demon in the apartment that lived in the walk in closet, where, it just happens the Ouija board was residing.

So I threw it in the dumpster on my way to bible class.

Now, in my heathen state, I am kinda thinking I wanna try it again.

Has anyone ever had any experiences with it....good or bad? I want to hear your stories!!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I got to put a little boy to sleep tonight, rocking him and telling him about trains and circuses, and all the animals performing....

Right before that I danced with him teaching him the lawnmower, cabbage patch, some soft shoe and very important jazz hands. We looked at books and found cars in his toys that looked like the cars in his book.

I taught him how to say "Can I have four beers?" ... you have to watch this to get that....

He is 2.

He is adorable.

Someday I hope I have a child.... and a friend come over and teach him/her all the funny things that as a parent I am not supposed to really think are that funny.... but secretly I think they are a riot...

Monday, November 2, 2009

house hunters

I am working on a letter to Suzanne Wong about her fancy show, House Hunters. I sit here watching House Hunters and the "one up", House Hunters: International, and I think there should be a disclaimer on what they do for a living. How can Joe Blow afford to pack up and move to the Dominican? What is his family thinking? Does he get along with his siblings? Does he really need a guest room, cuz who the hell can afford to visit him?

Moving on....

I am taking this idea from Anne -- she has been doing 30 Days of Thanks. She lists three things a day that she is thankful for.... what a great way to keep things in perspective...and it will help me with my Nablopomo

1. Leftover Halloween candy
2. friends who move closer
3. my dog who warms my side of the bed before I crawl in.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

don't be tardy for the party

Our big Halloween party has come and gone-- and it was a fantastic time. We had a great turn out and I think everyone had a lot of fun--- and I can honestly say that the rum runner punch had a lot to play into the fun-dom. I could tell some super fun stories... trust me-- they consist of Tinkerbell's, bitch wine, Dexter's, and lots of things I would have to go into great depth about-- and lord knows, my head hurts far too much, and I keep burping rum and orange juice.

I took a few pics-- I was too busy to get a lot.. but here are a couple...

Here is a couple of the front yard--we decorated and had a fog machine-- spooky noises and a strobe light-- we had a fire pit in the driveway...

Here are a couple of the basement-- we had red and yellow lighting-- that is the reason for the color... just a portion of it...
And some of our guests....