Sunday, November 29, 2009


We are back and had an AWESOME time! We made the train down to Chicago by the skin of our was a packed train! I LOVED every moment of it. I could seriously sit there to people watch and listen in on conversations ALL DAY.

We made our way to the Shedd Aquarium where we had to battle the crowds of their busiest weekend of the year, apparently. Thank goodness it was a BEAUTIFUL day out and we could wait in the hour long line in the sunshine..

It was really cool! I would like to go back on a day without 40392344 little kids smearing their hands all over every single piece of glass in the joint... but, I took it for what it was, and felt sorry for the parents who were dealing with 192 degrees and recirculated air. Little stagnant. Michelle loved the Beluga Whales..
You can see her face in the reflection of the glass.. this was the "under water view" of them...

We spent many hours walking around the Shedd, then walked out into an equally beautiful night in the city.
I think it is hilarious, that because we travel alone, 97% of our photos are arm length self portraits. They don't turn out the greatest... but it proves we were both THERE. :)

We headed back to the burbs on the train, where in front of us, there was a single young blonde sitting, and by god, a dark haired sporty dyke took the seat next to her on the crowded train. Of course I was all up in the kool-aide.. and I SWEAR it was ADORABLE watching the dark haired one trying to get the blondes story. Then the blonde had to get off at her stop.... Tear. It had all the works of a lesbo love story..... *sigh*... the best (or worst--whatev) part came when the blonde got off the train, and then the dark haired one made a phone call...and she was promptly dumped over the phone. Ouch!

What I continue to find odd about the train-- is how many people just crack beers while I have 30 min. I think I am going to pack some millers in my purse just in case I get thirsty. Normal everyday Joes and Janes...crackin' cold ones. Do people do that on the bus, too?

Yes. I love people watching and conversation dipping THAT MUCH. Don't judge.

That night we had dinner at JJ Twigs... 'lish!

While we go on our weekends down to the city, we stay in the Hotel Indigo... I love it there.. they have Aveda products!

On Sunday it was rainy and cold... perfect weather for an afternoon at Ikea! We got a new picture for the living room and once again my candles and dinner napkins are fully stocked!

When we made our way back, we decided to hit a joint that was featured on The Food Network's Diners Drive-in's and D*ves - I had the BEST salmon I have EVER had.

Home again home again, jiggity jig!


Amy said...

Looks like a great time! And's an go there....

jelly said...

glad to see you had such an awesome time.
were there penguins there?
they are always my favorite!


C.I.W. said...

BAH! JElly!! SOO funny you should ask that! There were penguins in the Fantasea show and then there was an exhibit of penguins..the funny was that there were these two dyke-y dykes in the exhibit.. working.. yanoo.. feeding the animals.. but, of course I was taking pictures and commenting about the lesbians in their natural habitat.. blahblahblah. I was going to post it, but I decided not to incase someone knew them. I may re-consider.

Jen said...

Glad you had a great weekend! And about time you are showing some pics of you two :) Sweet!

shane rocket said...

looks like F.U.N.!!! i have been to chicago and the Shedd, could be there for hours!!!

CJ said...

I used to live there! I miss it a lot, but I love being here too. And I'm the same on the train, I LOVE to people watch! Ash was terrified her first "L" ride and I was all giddy with excitement, I hadn't been on one in SO long!

Great photos!

CJ said...

And I want to read the penguin post!! Get to gettin' girl!