Friday, April 24, 2009

whew.. made it.

First off, congrats to Those two Daddies on the arrival of their beautiful baby girl!!! How exciting- they are going to make great dads!

I am so glad that this week is over with. This holding pattern that I/we are in is making me feel a little looney bins. I have been forcing myself to just go do stuff. I went to a seminar on how to become a Realtor (I know. You dont' have to say it.) I had zumba (LOVED IT.), and have found every reason to crawl up and not talk to anyone if not needed. I just keep thinking-- if *I* am feeling like this, Mic has got to be feeling like a log. Though- she has been hiding it well.. and is keeping herself super busy during the day.

I am looking forward to tonight when we get the foster dog. Tomorrow we are babysitting for two adorable kids... and I hope we can play outside and tire them out completely so their moms will have an easy night when they get home and on Sunday we are heading up to Appleton for my nephew's first communion.

So- for anyone on the weight loss journey like I am, I highly recommend Zumba. I had SUCH a great time, and it is FUN.... you almost forget you are working out. I was really nervous and felt self conscious when I was on my way in-- and then I realized that there were women of ALL sizes.. bigger than me.. smaller then me.. older and younger... and the leader was this aawwweessommmeee woman who was hilarious! I just kept thinking-- this is like.. ghetto-fab zumba (through the city rec) I can't imagine how much fun it would be in a real class in a fitness club.. my sisters club up north (Lake Park Swim and Fitness in the Fox Valley) has a studio for Zumba.. and they have like.. disco lights.. and they CRANK the music and it is like a party. THAT would be great!!!

Have a good weekend....


Anonymous said...

I have to find some zumba around here. That's cheap, you know that's a given. Hope you get out of your hole. Have a fun weekend.

Dani and Tonka said...

now that maya has been vaccinated I can go to zumba and take her to the sweet lady that does childcare at the YMCA and go to ZUMBA! woo

Bobby said...

Thank you for the shout out! We're enjoying our daughter. As for Zumba, I've wanted to try it. A friend of mine at work teaches it, and she loves it.