Monday, April 6, 2009


In an interesting turn of events the idea of becoming foster parents to humans (not only puppies) has become a conversation.

Nothing RIGHT NOW.. but, future.

That would make me VERY happy.



cindyhoo2 said...

So many children in foster care need parents who are interested in altruistic love and affection. Did you know that most foster parents (at least in my state) also receive food stamps and/or public assistance (not the money foster parents are allotted)? So I love the thought that you guys will be fostering some needy children in the future.

A said...

Fostering isn't easy and it is shows what special people you are to be considering it. Good luck to you.

Bobby said...

That would be great I hope it works out for you, and sorry about Michelle's job. She'll find another.

Amy said...

would you foster to adopt? Or just see how things go and what happens, happens?