Wednesday, April 8, 2009

what is that funny ringing sound?

Well.. Blonde Ambition had another "-ism" today (Ambition-ism)

I am sitting in my nice and quiet office...everyone else is gone on funerals. BA works in her office in the basement. The fax machine begins to ring.. and we receive a fax.. as the 1st one is coming through.. the machine starts ringing again... which is normal, as it obviously can't receive two faxes at once.

I am used to the sound.. I don't really even "hear" it anymore...

Suddenly, she comes BOLTING down the hall... runs past my desk.... in full BA fashion.. heels clacking, blonde hair flying.. runs to the fax machine in a panic and picks up the reciever... "HELLO?? HELLO?? HELLLOOOO?????"

I bite my lip as I realize what she is doing...

and say.. "BA, that is the fax machine.. its ringing because we are getting a fax"

"oh" she says..

and shuffles off in the other direction.

I can't wait until someone comes back from a funeral so I can tell them about it. We are keeping a book.


Two Moms With A Plan said...

Oh gosh! I would have laughed right then and there... LOL... I'm still laughing as I type this.... LMAO... oh god... the laughing just won't stop.


Anonymous said...

I think you should write a book about your life.

C.I.W. said...

Everyone would have to know my voice.. and how I talk.. or it would just sound like a 4th grader spouting off random information.

or.. a drunk 47 year old.

take your pick.


Love ya, Non.

Anonymous said...

I don't think so. I read many books that are written the way you talk. (Which isn't like a 4th grader. It's more like an 8th grader.) I like the "chick lit" and I REALLY like funny ones!