Saturday, April 4, 2009

9 year old birthday parties.

Mic was nervous, I could tell. It would be the first time she was going to see a chunk of her friends all together- and none of them knew she lost her job. See, she has been hiding in the house for the last 5 days.


she finally showered.


She has never had to deal with anything like this EVER.

Mic and I are VERY different people. I say- HELL! What a PERFECT time to be on unemployment! It is spring! There is so much to do outside, find a fun bar tending job for tips.. whatev-- you deserve time off! Enjoy! Set up the hammock! Take walks! Take Cosmo to the dog park Etc..etc..etc..... She says - I am a loser. I feel rejected. I will never find a job. I suck.

I understand why she is feeling this way. I have been doing everything I can to keep her spirits up, give her hope, help her put this all in perspective.. it has been helping, little by little.

So, we get to the bowling alley where the birthday party is taking place. We see some friends.. and join them. Erica mentions something about Wildtree.. and our day jobs... Michelle tells her she doesn't HAVE a day job anylonger... Erica looks at her stunned and says... "neither do I, they laid me off last Thursday"... it was like a sisterhood was created. You could see the relief on their faces.. they had this one thing in common that so many people didn't really "get".

You could see the the tension being released out of Mic's shoulders. She and Erica exchanged numbers, and they have decided that Mic will watch her little ones while Erica gets out of the house. It will give them both something to do.


Everything will be OKAY.

Pridefest update # 3. Debroah Cox and The Roots are coming on Sunday. No idea. I am not even going to pretend on this one.

Tomorrow is a day full of hockey-- I am really looking forward to it!!!!


Angie said...

i'm so glad she showered. that's a good sign. :)

Crayonboxes said...

I am sorry she is having a hard time with it... Something good will come along..*hugs*

Two Moms With A Plan said...

It sucks losing your job... but you two will be ok because you have eachother to lean on. This is a good thing.

Showering is good.