Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kids and cell phones.

I know I talk about Oprah far too often in this damn blog. And today is no different.

I just watched the episode that DVR'd today. It was about kids on the internet.. or with cell phones.. and becoming prey... and all of the horrible things that can happen to them.

So. I feel HORRIBLE (to say the least) for the families and the teens that are abused....

Here is the thing, though.

Why the HELL are teens still having computers in their rooms? Why in the HELL are kids getting cell phones?

I can understand why the kid would need access to the computer... for school... for emailing certain people. Outside of that, forget it. In a private room? NO WAY.

I never had a cell phone. None of my friends had cell phones. We didn't text.. we had *gasp* a home phone. We are just fine.

Nothing but trouble can come from parents trusting their kids too much. It doesn't matter how "wonderful" your kid is... they get brain washed, talked into situations you warned them about... then terrible things happen.


When are parents going to wake up?


Dani and Tonka said...

I think it all depends on the situation. My nephew and neice have cell phones and they are 13 and 10. They call their parents as soon as they are off the bus and then go in the house. They dont pick up their cells unless their parents calls them and they dont make calls to their friends..They are taught to use it in emergencies or to report they are where they are supposed to be safe. Thats it!

At first it bothered me then I realized they are alone for a little while before their parents get off work. I think it just makes us all feel like they are safer.

Anonymous said...

Alexa had a cell phone for "emergencies."
You and I both know what happened with that. Needless to say, I didn't buy it, don't pay for mins. and absolutely don't think she needs one. But you know what? There are thousands of parents that don't tell their children no. Who don't send boundaries. Who are too busy to parent and rather be a "friend" instead of making the hard and uncomfortable decisions. And yes, that means sometimes saying "No!" That means making rules that you WILL follow through on... Don't get me started!

Anonymous said...

set boundaries that is.