Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Patience? nope. Don't know her.

I called.. and the social worker hasn't called back. Now I am freaking out... did I leave the correct phone number, or did I leave the Internet line that I ramble off at shoe stores and to random shop keepers on the rare occasion I hit the mall..... wait.. did I LEAVE a number AT ALL?

Anyone who has had read any of the previous drawn out, blubbering posts in this blog knows that I always say that God (Goddess, Higher Power, the Universe.. etc) has a plan for us..

I have been doing some soul searching over the last month, and I thought I would share some of my ideas here.

  • I was laying in bed recently thinking about the whole "kid thing"and I had a memory pop into my head from a time that I was in high school- I remembered it like I was there. I was standing with friends talking about our future.. and I said.. "Oh.. I will have a child.. but I don't think I will HAVE (as I made a gesture of something coming out of my vaj)"
  • I never got pregnant - and, TMI perhaps, I have been with a couple'a guys prior to dating women.. never then, either.
  • In my job, I have heard HORRID stories of women (and assisted families of said women) (that I wont go into) and things that have happened to them while pregnant, in childbirth, or soon after childbirth... and these were completely healthy women. I am not healthy.
  • There is an incredible women that I have in my life who is a foster mom, getting ready to adopt, and are an AMAZING source of information... and, their kids rock. For some reason she is still in my life,when she could have walked away many years ago... and I wouldn't have blamed her. (clarification- she is important to me far beyond just an information giver)
For the reasons above, and for many others (I am a GREAT list maker.. I wont make you suffer) I think this foster gig is the natural thing to happen.

Now, like a hormonal teenager, I can't help but thinking.... do I call again? Will I seem like a total stalker? Do I wait for her to call me? Should I have kissed her right on the lips? ha ;)

Oh- and foster dog Jack comes tomorrow.. he has a clear-ish bill of health, and I have a feeling he will only be in our home for a short time before he goes to his "forever family" he is SUPER CUTE!!!


Two Moms With A Plan said...

I'm sure its so hard to be patient with something like this. But trust me, she will call you back... as long as you gave her the right number... lol... sorry I had to tease you with that. ;)

Ok.. if she doesn't call in a couple days, call her back.

Its a great thing you ladies are doing!

cindyhoo2 said...

I work with loads of social workers and I give them 48 hours to call me back. Seems to work for me.

I am glad that you have such clarity and peace about the path you are on. We need more people like you guys.

Jen said...

Aw I'm so happy for you two. She will call back - she's probably swamped. I agree with Becky, give it a few days :)

Amy said...

I know you are anxious to get this started, but the social worker has a million and one things to do, I'm sure. So to her it's only been a little while. Give her a few days to get back to you. I guess I just said everything everyone else said, which I didn't read first.
Good luck with Jack. I bet you won't have him for long.

C.I.W. said...

Thanks ladies.. you are all wonderful.

I will sit on my hands.. and TRY to be patient. :)


Amy said...

Maybe you will be some child's "forever home."