Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wisconsin Domestic Partnership

So, over a year ago now, Wisconsin went through the whole vote banning the idea of there ever being a possibility of Equal Marriage (the straights didn't really understand at the time, they were also throwing in there any rights that straights get with a common law marriage- they voted against themselves. dumb asses) In actuality, they did some pretty crazy things by combining both gay domestic partnerships, gay marriage, and common law marriage all on one option (or anything resembling a domestic partnership/marriage). It was all or nothing. There is actually a lawsuit brewing about THAT by a father of a lesbian-- we should be hearing about that sometime this year.

Anywho-- Gov. Doyle just signed the budget- and in the budget he snuck in some Domestic Partnership laws for us homos! There isn't a LOT-- but it is something.. and even more exciting is that this happened with the laws on the books saying we can never have anything LIKE this. It seems to have been snuck in-- and it goes in effect in 30 days.... and you better believe that Mic and I are going to be at the clerk's office that same day. As a community we HAVE to file- we HAVe to show that we NEED these rights-- and, this is one stepping stone closer to equality!

So- in 30 days.. I will be DP'd. (I know that you can all insert your own little dirty joke here.)