Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sadness and Blessings...

This really has nothing to do with me.. but with a woman we are working with here at the funeral home. I am beside myself with the strength and faith in her God that she has shown. I spoke with her a few months ago, she called and she explained her situation-- she was expecting.. though there were complications. "Baby Ray" (as she called him -- mom's middle name is Rae") did not have any kidneys, and there was no amniotic fluid. She was going to be carrying him as long as possible, and sharing as much time as she was allowed to. I have spoken and worked with her several times since... Jamie is the funeral director in charge-- and I am SO GLAD that she is.. she is doing an amazing job!

Here is the link to her Caring Bridge page... if you click at the top-- the "journal" part.. you can read her story. You may share a different point of view religiously -- but her story is one that I think needs to be shared. She is a brave woman and a loving mom.

This is one reason that I love my job-- I get to be in contact with these SUPER BRAVE people... there are so many stories... so many people have done amazing things in their lives. I am really honored and blessed to have known them- even for a bit.


Dani and Tonka said...

ok this sent me into complete hysterical crying...can I just say that maya is the reason i breathe...what strength that woman has.

Amy said...

Isn't it scary how a baby can look perfect on the outside and be so broken on the inside. I'm glad she has her faith to help her through. I'm pretty sure I'd just go crazy. well, crazier.