Thursday, July 9, 2009


I have informed everyone I know (who probably already knew..but oh well) about the domestic partnership rigamarole in Wisconsin starting August 3rd.. I am all psyched.. we need to get new outfits.. we should send out something to our family informing them.. make it special...take crooked pictures.. whatever it takes to make my girl feel special.. and for me to feel like I am kinda sorta gettin' hitched.


who had to go and get a new job that she can't take a day off from?

We wont be there the first day- but we will be there.

I hope someone I know gets their picture in the paper :) I hope they aren't wearing ass-less chaps.


Angie said...

ass-less chaps! you know they will be! That made me laugh, then snort... good one.

Anonymous said...

Milwaukee has had domestic partnership for years. There are just more benefits to it now. I am waiting to hear from my lawyer if it is a help or a hinderance in the adoption dept. as it may be a hinderance the wayt he adoption statutes are written.

C.I.W. said...

in the past you could only "file" it has no legal backings of any sort.