Tuesday, June 30, 2009

okay fine.

The pictures I have are for shit. I am hoping that others got better ones then I did.. apparently I was very busy talking and drinking sangria. So sue me.

This one is of my sister (in blue) laughing at a stinger of a toast that she is giving Mic (wearing
the birthday hat my nephew brought for "him" and then made "him" return it when my nephew left.. as that is the only one he has) (he is very young.. and thinks only boys have short hair)The next is said nephew on the slip and slide in the front yard.. it cost $3.00 and the kids LOVED it.

This was the sign I had hanging in the front yard.. again, not a good pic.. but it was cute..

Okay- Yeah. I am really going to have to send an email out looking for some good pics... sorry to let you down, peeps. All the other ones are half blurry shots of karaoke or people taking pictures of themselves or goddess knows what, when I would leave my camera on a table or something. Funny to me-- but not to the stranger.

Tonight we went out for a fun Mexican dinner with friends.. a tradition for b-days. Good times were had. We sat and laughed and talked for 4 hours.

Oh- awesome news... a friend of a friend got "the call" yesterday. They were signed up to do foster/adopt... and they now are the daddies of a brand new baby boy. And, blessing upon blessing-- he was a "Safe Haven" baby.. the parent is already TPR'd.. and they are able to adopt within 6 months. There are more details, but those are too special to share when I don't have permission. Let me just say that it gives me hope for the future of our family. I understand we are looking at very low risk children... and we are going to have to wait (once the process begins) but that it WILL happen!!!

We are filling out paperwork.... but, seeing as we have rented out a room in our home... I don't know that we can even go much further until Rebecca's lease is up.

I am half wanting to go through that initial class again-- just because I don't even remember what applications are for what. I need to talk to Anne. I feel confused.

My feet are swollen. I wish AF would show up already!


Amy said...

awww, I wish I hadn't missed it! Yes, DO get better pics. And I still want to see your haircut! So exciting to hear your friends got a baby! YAY! I can't wait until you are a mommy too!

Corrine said...

Party pix were good! What a great time spent with friends!

GREAT great news for the daddies! How awesome! Do they blog? I would love to connect, and share my support!

As far as you and Mic...when the time is just right!

C.I.W. said...

Nonny- I wish you were there, too! It would have been a hoot!

Corrine- Isn't it great news?!?!? No, they don't blog- I wish they did!!!

Amy said...

what did your sister say that was so funny she laughed at herself?

C.I.W. said...

something about half your life being over.. it was kind of a roast.