Thursday, July 2, 2009

New Day.

I have been feeling really negative lately. This isn't like me.

There really isn't a reason why as there is so much to celebrate.

New day.


Margo said...

It's Direct TV. They are a digital outlet of evil and I feel your pain.

I'm glad you liked Laura - reading her is like taking a deep breath.

And come on - get on the Refocksa band wagon - you fit right in.

C.I.W. said...

no idea, lady.

Margo said...

right now it's in the middle of evolving, but Refocksa is the name we voted on. It represents a group of us on blogspot that have all kind of become friends - lesbians all.
we just read each other, comment, care, some of us have even met.
it's the cool kids.
shane rocket follow you - she started this whole thing
7 senses
dyked out
dyke evolution
propane amy
and a bunch more -
most of us have posted the Refocksa avatar on our blogs.

Friends - virtual and real

C.I.W. said...


Im IN.