Sunday, June 28, 2009

40th Birthday Party (check)

Success! I can honestly say that the party was worth every ounce of work that went into it. Mic had a great time- and so did everyone else. It was a BEAUTIFUL day up until we started singing, and apparently Mother Nature had and issue with that- and opened the clouds. It was okay. We are lesbians.. we were prepared. We moved the karaoke machines into the garage, we had two tents in the drive way and everyone made themselves comfy and laughed and sang until 11:30 when it stopped raining and we took the party out to the campfire in the backyard.

Awesome things that happened: There were so many people here.. everywhere I went, people were laughing, meeting, hugging, sharing stories and creating memories. My friend Anne's son said "Hi Auntie Casey" (awesome!) and then sang his first song.. "Happy Birthday".. the kids were completely entertained by the slip and slide, the kiddie pool, the sidewalk chalk, squirt guns and water balloons which allowed their parents time to entertain themselves. My brother came. My parents came. We had the whole house and yard (front and back), garage and drive cleaned by 10:30am... it is down to 78 degrees with lots of cool wind coming off Lake Michigan, so we turned off the air, opened the windows, and I took a five hour nap.

I absolutely LOVE having people over- hearing people laugh and talk and enjoying themselves in our home. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that people feel comfortable in our home... and WANT to be here.

I am SO THANKFUL for all of the help my friends could give me. If it weren't for Rebecca, Patty and Pat... I would have been walking around in some sort of adult ADD, shandy (a drink popular here in Wisconsin during the summer) induced panic attack.

Now I wish I had a week off.


Anonymous said...

Sounds so fun. I wish you could have a party on a weeknight just for me.
How'd people like the banner?

Anonymous said...

post some pics

Corrine said...

Glad it went well!
Yes, Pictures????

cindyhoo2 said...

Sounds lovely. Wish I could have attended. :)

Jen said...

Sounds awesome!!! So happy it was a success. I hope you post some pictures!!!

Margo said...

Friends in the home are a treasure for sure. laughter is a treasure.
40 is amazing. Cleaned up by 10:30 is amazing. 5 hour nap is unheard of.
I'm a little jealous, well, not about the 40 part.