Thursday, June 4, 2009

I love little blue monsters.

Grover for president.


Lizzie said...

hey - i got this political action alert today from the national center for lesbian rights - but i'm not from wisconsin - though of you and remembered you were in milwaukee:

Wisconsin Domestic Partner Protections Vote Next Week!

Momentum is on our side now. Just in the past few days the Nevada legislature voted into law a domestic partnership registry for same-sex and unmarried straight couples, and New Hampshire became the sixth state to recognize marriages between same-sex couples.

Now it is Wisconsin’s chance to turn the tide: the Wisconsin State Assembly is poised to vote on the state budget—including domestic partnership protections—in the next few days. We need you to take action now to ensure the budget passes!

Please encourage your state representative to do the fair and just thing by voting for the budget containing these crucial protections for committed same-sex couples. Let them know that the government shouldn't stand in the way of a couple's ability to take care of each other. Wisconsin LGBT families need basic legal protections, especially in these trying times.

Our friends at Fair Wisconsin have been working hard to get these protections included, and now it is your turn. Write your legislator or call your representative today.

Please take action. Wisconsin LGBT families are counting on you.

In solidarity,

Kate Kendell, Esq.
Executive Director
National Center for Lesbian Rights

C.I.W. said...

Lizzie - you rock the hizzie.


no. really. you do.

thank you for thinking of me - I just hope this all works out for the great state of Wisconsin..

Corrine said...

We should all be teaching our kids that.
Love. Partnership. Togetherness.
The important stuff. AND kissing and hugging! : )

Amy said...

huh, there was no mention of one man and one woman. What the heck? :)

Amy said...

Need more blog!