Thursday, June 11, 2009

And girls, They wanna have fu-un.

Pride weekend in Milwaukee is THIS weekend!! It is a biggie! The rainbow flags are flying all over Milwaukee... the lakefront is busslin'.. the church people are warming up their megaphones... woot!

Not only is Pridefest in general a BIG DEAL.. but it is also the kick off of the summer festivals in Milwaukee... there are tons.. and they are FUN!!!!

Tomorrow, Mo and Greg are heading down and we will bundle up (because hell, its JUNE in Wisconsin and it will be in the 50's at the lake after dark!!!!) and head down to see a little Cyndi Lauper and some other great entertainment! Saturday we are having our annual pre-pride bbq - nothing fancy, just lunch and drinks... so we all don't spend so much money down there. It ADDS UP! Saturday day night it is Brandi. I am sure there will be 1 or 7 times I will be on a picnic table with the other gays boogie-oogie-ooging. (note to self: google Brandi's songs. or is it Brandy... note to self.. figure out who this chick even is, so I don't have to "oprah lip sync").

Sunday is the parade - I usually spend the time in tears....if it is for the cute kids and families in the Wisconsin Rainbow Families...or the supportive churches.... or the super fun square dancing hunks from Chicago. I don't know WHY I tear up with them... maybe because I am just so f-ing full of pride at that point... it is bubbling over. Your guess is as good as mine. It probably is just the residual rum from Saturday night making it's way through my tear ducts.

So- in conclusion, the weekend will be fun..

HAPPY PRIDE, people..happy pride!


2momswithaplan said...

Happy Pride! We have our parade in October because people are still recovering from the festivities in June! lol I tear up everytime during the parade. Especially when I see PFLAG. I just think it is so great those parents are out there in full support.

C.I.W. said...

oh good!!! I am not the only one!!! We have pflag parents at the front gates... right behind the crazy I am boo-hooing as I walk in, too.

We would be a mess if we hung out together :)

Amy said...

Have a great time. And I love you and support you.

C.I.W. said...

I love and support you too, Nonny :)

Corrine said...

HAPPY PRIDE, Girlfriend.
Know that the hubby and I are there with you, in spirit, flying our rainbow flag high...with ALL of our kiddos as well.

I guess in Maine we are a little back pride parade. BUT, we have legalized gay marriage. Not bad! I am now on the pride parade THANG! Perhaps we should get the party started!!!