Tuesday, June 23, 2009

In the prime...

My hon turns 40 next week.


She is looking forward to the party that I am throwing (with the help of some amazing friends...) but, being jobless and forty- that sucks arse. Hopefully lots of friends, sangria, a campfire, karaoke, and lots of laughing will make her feel a bit better. She had a very positive job interview on Monday.. but refuses to think of it any other way-- as there have been many, and she doesn't want to be disappointed again. She is doing really well mentally- and our yard and home and the laundry has NEVER LOOKED BETTER. I am one lucky lady! But, you all know what it means when she gets a job-- we go forward with foster/adoption ... I have been patiently sitting on my hands, trying not to obsess, and putting everything in the hands of the Universe. It will all work out, I have faith.

My friend is going to be trying this new diet plan.. Or, New Lifestyle Plan, I should say. She got the free sample, and says the shakes are good- and she ordered four weeks. I hope it works for her!! I am excited to see her progress!!! I wish I could join her, but it is almost $300.00 for 4 weeks. Yeah. Can't do that. I have my stepper in the basement- and I will be pulling it out once again.

Yanno. I haven't said this enough.. or.. ever. I really REALLY appreciate you guys and gals reading my blog.. giving advice.. sharing hope.. crossing fingers when needed... telling jokes.. it is nice to know that others are out there. In conclusion: I dig y'all.


Jen said...

Happy early birthday!!! I think you guys are both doing great, and putting things in the hands of the Universe sounds like advice I need to heed myself : )

Amy said...

aw shucks.