Sunday, March 20, 2011

Time to play some catch up...

Mo and Greg have departed after a fun 24 hours of lunch/Harley Davidson Museum/Dinner/wine/more drinks to celebrate Reb's b-day/drag show/dancing/drinks and this morning an estate sale (and found awesome stuff we didn't know we needed until we saw it). Just to add to it, I wasn't even drinking after my two glasses of yummy wine at dinner. Why am I the only one who can't keep my eyes open?

Back to it...

Day 5-Your siblings
I am the fourth child. I have an older brother who is almost 48, I think. I also have two sisters (twins) who are 46. There is 8 years difference between my sisters and I. So, instead of being the youngest of four, it often felt as if I was the only child. My sisters had each other to chum around with and they kind of lived in their own little twin world. My brother was so much older than me that I don't remember much of him growing up. My memories start when he was out of the house already. I don't really remember much of him living at home. I know he did. I just blocked it out, apparently.

My sisters are beautiful and have wonderful children and husbands that I don't think are good enough for them. My brother was married at one point and is now divorced. He has suffered with a series of strokes. He is fine, but has made poor choices in his life. We have all tried to help him MANY times - but he continues to go down a path that isn't taking him anywhere - and quickly. I have stepped away from the situation, as he is an adult and if he feels he doesn't need help, that is his decision.

Growing up I remember thinking my sisters were my other moms. They liked bossing me around. They still do :). I remember mom and dad leaving and them having huge house parties, and I would be upstairs in my bed. They would skip out of school a lot and have me get their pink slips out of the mailbox before my mom and dad would come home (I was a latch key kid). They loved giving me horrible perms and trying to teach me how to dress and wear make up. We weren't close then but as adults have grown much closer.

I think that is all I want to share right now about them. I adore my siblings.... and I am in the frame of mind (kind of cranky) (and heard more stuff about my brother today) that I am on the verge of saying something that I shouldn't share - and/or regret in the future.

I am going to have to wait for more catch up until after my nap. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


MakingSpace said...

Thanks for this intro to your life - and for the inspiration. I am just starting this thirty-day thing myself and I'm finding it very inspiring. It's making me really happy to do it. THANK YOU!!

I have twin daughters, btw. My onlies... they do have a world they inhabit, that's for sure. I forget other kids don't have that sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Is your nap over yet????