Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 6-A picture of something that makes you happy

This is probably going to be one of the hardest for me. I could put a gazillion pictures. I will try to narrow it down though. Please note that I am limited to the photos that are on my laptop. So sue me if you aren't shown.

My dog, Cosmo - we thought it would be a fabulous idea to get a new puppy just 3 months into our relationship! why not??? This is at my old apartment -- he used to fit on the bottom of my computer desk. Now, he is 106lbs and takes up a whole bed. Here is my dear friend, Amy (I call her Nonny) We are in the dorm room at college getting ready for a night on the town. We are going for white and whiter. My perm courtesy of the girl in beauty school down the hall from us.
Mo, Me and Greg. State Fair. Priceless. I love them. My wiff and I on our "honeymoon" camping. The picture of happy :)

Missing photos of: family, geocaching, my neighbors, my co workers, my bike, hiking trails, my bed, aveda products, q-tips, sunscreen.. I could go on.

SIDENOTE: I just finished typing this and I turned to Mic and said... "can you believe we got Cosmo after being together for 3 months??? Did you know in your heart that you were going to be together for a long time at that point??? "

She turned to me and said, "NO! I mean.. that is 90 DAYS! People go to rehab for 90 days.. How would I know that we were going to be together??"

She abruptly stopped that thought after my glare burned through her skin.


Amy said...
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Amy said...

At least I was thin then! Soooooooooooooo glad you posted that picture. I think this was before they invented bronzer.

MakingSpace said...

Ha- worth reading the whole post just for the last paragraph.

CJ said...

Um, we really need to meet so we can take pictures of both of us with the wiffs! We so don't live far from one another!!