Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 4-Your parents

My, a little crazy, drink too much, sing too loud, cry too often. Softies. They love their kids so much, and their wine and Jack probably just as much.

My parents are and always have been full of emotion. If one moment it is anger.. the very next moment we could all be in a full on belly laugh, dancing on the patio or crying over the saddest story we have ever heard.

My childhood had challenges... but I choose not to dwell on them..... I choose to learn FROM them.

Mom - well, she has this creativeness that amazes me. She was an RN then became an antique dealer. She is hilarious and independent and absent minded. She knows more about history and artifacts than anyone I know. She knits and used to play the guitar and do pottery. When I freak out that I am turning into her... I calm myself by realizing there is no one I would rather turn in to. I love her.

Dad - he has white hair, is big and has these ice blue eyes that actually smile on their own. He has welcoming, comforting hugs, and has always had my best interest at heart. He is an emotional man and makes no apologies for it. He was the VP of sales for a company out in the boondocks near where I grew up. He traveled a lot, and was able to show my mom some wondrous parts of the world because he had to go there for work. He carves wood, and loves to share the trinkets he makes with his grandchildren. He is proud of his ancestry and growing up along the St. Lawrence seaway and having a family that was heavily involved in the railroad and who came from Ireland. He has passed his family's information along on paper. But I do not know his family. I met my uncles maybe a couple of times...I don't remember much. His parents died young, and his in laws were his parents longer than his birth parents. I love him.


BellaDaddy said...

I LOVED reading this! Thank You!

Also, link has been updated....SO SORRY that happened on our blog!

But, thanks for bringing it to my attention

MakingSpace said...

Sweet post - I'm going to use your thirty-day list to inspire my own posts in the coming, well, thirty days (or more...). Thanks!

Amy said...

I love your parents too! What a wonderful tribute to them!

paradykes said...

Beautiful post! Your parents sound wonderful. It's amazing when we grow up and find that we really do "like" our parents. Mine travel alot all winter and I'm so grateful when they come home.

Amy said... missed a post!!de