Wednesday, November 3, 2010

So.. I have this therapist.

Day one is under my belt.

I am a therapy virgin and had no idea what to expect from a "session". Apparently, the first session is snore-ville. The not-a-doctor lady seemed nice enough. I don't know that it is a PERFECT fit, but it IS only session one. I may have a better idea next week. It seems as if it may be a bit more of life coaching than lay on the couch and cry.... I was kinda looking for the couch bit, but am seeing the positive things that could come from a bit of direction in my life.

At one point she said, "tell me one positive thing about you" and then said "oh! I know one..". So I looked at her like, I met you 37 minutes ago....what on EARTH do you know? "You are an extrovert".


I said, "oh, well.. yeah.. a lot of people think that." Truth is.. I am an extrovert on my terms. If I walk in the room and I feel like I can handle the crowd, you bet. Put me on stage, I can yabba dabba with the best of them.

Walk me in to a room full of people who I classify as "above me"... and see me melt into a pile of sludge. I am a wreck.. and before I step 4 feet into the room, I have completely sabotaged the experience.

I guess that is why I am going back to see not-a-doc next week... and probably several occasions after that.

In other news, Rebs finished her gift to us. I ADORE IT....

She will be known, by her request, as Auntie Rolling Pin. Isn't she freaking great?

Mic got me a little video camera. I think I am going to try to work it so I can video the rooms upstairs.. post it here...

don't hold your breath for that, though.


Anonymous said...

yay for you!

Mark said...

You know, being high "above you" and all, I think you're great! What do you need a shrink for anyway! Don't be crazy.
Your Friend, m.