Tuesday, November 16, 2010

you people

are so kind.. taking your time and cheering me on.. I appreciate it SO! awww..

So, we finally met our new social worker. We have been on her case load since the start of October, but this was our first time meeting her.

I *heart* her.

I think she likes us too.

And, for some reason, in my head that makes us feel like we have a better chance.

I also finally figured out what this whole process feels like. It feels like high school when I would be waiting and waiting and waiting for a boy to call. I would look at the phone.. "ring. just ring. just CALL... why isn't he CALLING????".... I would pick up the receiver and make sure there was a dial tone. (pick up the receiver-- just think-- kids don't even know what that is anymore)

THIS waiting is like that. I look at my phone when I have been away from it - if even for a moment. I think I hear it ringing or feel it vibrating when it was nothing.

Just like in high school when that guy never called and I felt so shitty because of it... I can't help but feel that way now. Just head games.

and I know.. I promise... I know that it will happen for us. That the phone will ring when I am least expecting it... probably when it is the most inconvenient.

It is just weird that it is THAT feeling.. yanno?

Right after I had this epiphany, I ate two 1pt chocolate cake things. Connection. YeahIthinkso.

Thanks again, everyone for your support. I look forward to more milestones to post :)


Anonymous said...

I heart you!

jaenkes said...

I hear ya on the waiting, waiting... I can't tell you how many times a day I "refresh" my email "just in case there's a new kid posted or a social worker saw our study and wants more info". Now a kid we're SUPER interested in, they are going to be doing some evaluations of her to give the adopting parents the best knowledge of what direction to head with her, etc... That's great and all, but "this will start sometime in Dec and take about 6 weeks"... OMG! More Waiting!

Hang in there and props to you for taking care of yourself inside and out! :)

paradykes said...

It's going to happen, just give it time and when you are least expecting it you'll get that call. I have faith!!! You are gonna be great mommies and I can't wait to follow your journey.

Anonymous said...

time for more blogging!! I am thankful for your friendship and your blog...cuz then I feel like I get to "snoop" into your life!

PinkRed said...
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