Monday, November 8, 2010

jurl got isssuuueeesss.

I will keep this short:

I work in sales and marketing. I, almost always, bring candy or goodies of some sort to my customers when I make calls.

Today at 3:15 I found myself alone in my shared office. There was 14 lbs of choclate candy 6 feet in front of me.

Has anyone detoxed from, oh, heroin or crack... because I am almost sure what how I was feeling was kinda like that. I was shaking... I had to stop myself from obsessing about it. There may have been salivating involved. I had to physically leave the office and do something else in order not to listen to the devil on my shoulder telling me to go get some. I had to self talk myself off of "the bridge".

As much as I wish this were a made up story... it isn't.

Youbettabelieve this is gonna come up with not-a-doctor tomorrow.


Mel's Way or No Way said...

That sounds like me and all the leftover Halloween candy I threw in the freezer so I wouldn't eat it. Yeah, more frozen Milky Way is bound to crack a tooth. You were stronger than I was. Keep the faith!!!

tmaddy said...

You did better than I would have. Give yourself credit for walking away!!!!

paradykes said...

You did it!!! You walked away from your "crack"! That is a great accomplishment. Keep it up and before you know it the candy won't interest you much. Also, keep something healthy with you all the time. Keep a 100 calorie pack of something you like (i love the grasshopper cookies) in your purse, desk, car everywhere you might need one.

Anonymous said...

Good job! Here's an about taking something healthy to your clients. That way you won't have the sweets in your office. I'm not sure WHAT you'd take. But it's an idea. Trail mix?

Mina said...

I hear you, I've been there before myself! Especially at work, the women bring yummy crap in every single day. Sigh.

Aging Tomboy said...

Yes, sugar is an addiction. you have nothing to be ashamed of.