Saturday, November 6, 2010

along my journey

Tomorrow I am going to my 2468745th Weight W@tchers meeting in my life. I spoke with not-a-doctor about it. She said she thought it was a good idea.

I can see the good and bad parts about WW. I see that it is yet ANOTHER diet. Obviously life shouldn't be lived on a diet...but I also see it as accountability. I obviously can't be accountable to only myself. I CAN be accountable for eating a plain 1/4 pounder in less than 4 minutes and then an hour later forgetting that I ate it. Yeah. THAT I have down pat. But I can't be accountable for seeing truth on the scale. Even naked. In the morning.

The best I felt about myself since oh.. when I was young and hot and drinking my meals more than eating them was right before I started dating Mic. I had MUCH success on WW. I was slimmer (NOT SLIM) and I felt GOOD. I would go to my weigh-ins. I would write everything down. I ate a ton of veggies and smart protiens... and I had the mindset that I wasn't going to eat all the crap food I can eat to stay within my points. I was eating WELL and staying within my points. That, I find, is a big trap that WW peeps get caught up in. How many 100 calorie packs can I eat and still have McDonald's for dinner AND still stay within my points?

I didn't do that. And I am not going to do it this time, either.

I have a trifecta of accountability this time. I have you, my mish-mosh of moms and dudes and friends who read my blog. I have my not-a-doc who is going to be a source of education, and I will have the dub-dub (WW).

Today I logged into my bank account and coded all my "food". I mean- I coded all the crap food, not grocery, and I added it up. So this total includes lunches, dinners out, movie food..just crap food. Food I could have done without. This total does NOT include groceries.

Yup. You read that right. ONE month.
Do you know how much I can do with that. Or, I should say, how much I don't want to do with that... other than sticking it into savings and using it for "maternity" leave.
I am almost ashamed of putting that out there. That is a LOT of food, and a lot of laziness. But I have to. There is nothing gained by glancing over the truth. There it is. The truth.
I know there will always be SOMETHING in that category. We are social people. We go out with friends for dinner. From this moment on, we are doing it smarter.
So, there you have it. Tomorrow at 10:30 I am going to walk into that WW space, and I wont be surprised if they know me by name.


Anonymous said...

Good for you Casey! You are better than me!

Anonymous said...

That is awesome! You and I are on similar paths right now, I commend you for being brave enough to post all of this! I really admire it!

JoJo said...

Good for you!! I, myself, am a lifetime member at WW, so I feel your excitement, and your pain, at going back!! But, it is fool proof if you follow...I'm not saying you're a fool, it's just a saying....ah, never mind...Go get em, atta girl and so on!

C.I.W. said...

Thanks Amy and ATL!

Jojo..suurrreeee.. way to back peddle :) hahah