Sunday, November 14, 2010

first week of the dubbya dubbya

In the previous times that I went through WW I weighed myself everyday, sometimes twice.
This time I didn't. I thought about it, and then put the scale away again. I didn't want to know. I wanted to make sure I FELT good.. and, other than my period showing up, I felt pretty darn good.

I weighed in today at 6.6lbs down. I do understand a lot of that is water and stuff. But more importantly, I feel a little better.

For that I am happy.



Loralou said...

Well done! I feel very depressed about my weight at the moment. It is just going up and up, due to breastfeeding, my body hoards every unused calorie! I have to diet at the moment just to not put it on!! And I'm not.... lol

Angie said...

way to go friend. speaking from one scale addict to rock. :)

Anonymous said...

Good job, Case! I'm proud of you.

Aging Tomboy said...

Woah! good job! Cheering you on.

Mark said...

It's all about feeling good about yourself and so, you are right!
And just knowing that you can do is a good feeling too.
Your Friend, m.

Mina said...

Great news! I'm glad you're feeling good :)

paradykes said...

Thats an awesome first week!!! Way to go!