Friday, July 2, 2010

What the??!??!

I feel totally disconnected from my blogger and facebook world since I got a job that I actually have to WORK at. No longer am I cranking out my work as fast as I can, and have hours alone in the quiet... now it is gogogogogogooooo all the TIME. I am not complaining. Time goes really fast, the owners are SO appreciative of all of our hard work, and I do a job that I can not only make a lot of money doing, but it will change all the time. No longer death day in and day out. I haven't read the death notices since the day I left. It is actually quite freeing.... and there is not one single piece of gold furniture or over sized painting of a serene, calming scene in the whole damn office. Granted, I have to deal with some ghetto fabulous people... and when you read that 'ghetto', say it in your head more like... "GGHhhhheeettttOHHHHH" ... cuz lordy we gots'em here in M-town. And how!


And how.

My grandma used to say that. "Casey, the vinca vine in the backyard looks beautiful, and HOW!"

I think I am going to bring that back.

Anyways. ... it comes down to this: I would much rather deal with ghetto then death.

I am sure you are all on the edge of your seat waiting patiently for an update on how my "alone" time went with my Brittany. Well, it didn't. She had to cancel, and we are having a new meeting on Monday with Mic. So, thank the big'ol universe that I don't have to go over financials by myself. I was having poo-gency's everyday just THINKING about it!!!! So, I will have a NEW more FABULOUS update after Monday.

Other then those biggies, I have been super busy with a zillion other things and enjoying every moment. Tomorrow we are heading down to the lakefront for our annual firework extravaganza, and I am sure I will have pictures from that. I posted about it last year... it is so crazy to think how many people are down there.. our friend Nora went down THIS morning to rope off our plot and put up a tent. She hit gold when she found a good shade tree that is part of our land. It is kind of like farmville come alive, take away the farm animals, veggies, barns and replace them with brats, beer and fireworks!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend, start traditions and enjoy those that already are. We may not have all the rights in this country that we desire, but I have faith that someday we will... we are actually quite lucky, and how!



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Mark said...

Oh my, you do sound like one busy girl. Being a kind of State Worker, I sometimes get upset over how busy I am when I thought I was supposed to be lying back milking the System dry. But at least time flies when you're having fun or are busy.
Personally, I think that I would rather deal with death over ghetto. Not a fan of bad manners and I find the Dead very calm and agreeable.
Okay, if you don't mind, I'm going to try to start using "And How" in my daily talk. My problem is that I'm not quite sure when to use it. Like how's this: "Man, you should check out C.I.W.s blog, she is one physco chick, and how"!
Was that right?
Your Friend, m.