Thursday, July 22, 2010

this made me cry

As I stated in my last update, I sent out a mass email and facebook message to all moms, dad and grandparents that I know looking for advice.....

This was my email to my peeps:

Mic and I are really excited to share some news and ask some advice from all of you lovely people...

As some of you may know, we are well on our way to becoming licensed foster parents with the intention of adopting a newborn baby! Per our social worker, we will be ready for licensing in September... We are trilled at this amazing direction our lives are taking.

We are believers of that old saying "it takes a village to raise a child", but we also believe it takes a village to raise good parents :) We both come from amazing, loving families, but lets face the facts, it has been a while since the W*@& family grandchildren have been babies, and this will be a first for the K@(#$ family! When you are actually preparing your home for a new member, it is a LOT different then being the "fun aunt".

That is where we need help. We need ADVICE! We have walked in big box stores looking for baby items, became completely overwhelmed, and walked out. Where do we start? What do we do? What we really need to know from you parents and grandparents, what was an absolute need for a baby, and what is a big waste of money? What is the very best advice you can pass along to new parents?

We know there are some of you in the bunch that love to give advice, and this time we will really listen :)

Thanks in advance!

Love and peace,

Casey and Mic

I have received the NICEST emails, and they all have made me tear up and feel so loved...I plan on saving all of them. I wasn't sure what kind of response I would get from my mom and dad, as, yanno, they are old school.. and well, as much as they love Mic, I am sure they have it in the back of their mind that I will, someday, meet the man of my dreams.

This is what I received from them:

Dear Casey and Mic

Your union is unique and Dad and I pray that your special gift from God will make your union complete.....A FAMILY....
The glue that will bind you together is LOVE...............
The two things that are not available in the big box stores but so IMPORTANT......
We know that the two of you will exhibit these qualities during this awesome time of parenthood.
1.Common sense
2.A good sense of humor

Everything else will fall into place.

We love you both


..... and I cried.....this is the first time they have said anything like this to me about the relationship that Mic and I share.

I love them. I am, once again, blessed.


Dan.i and Dr.u said...

this is beautiful!

Anonymous said...


Jen said...

Awww Casey this made me tear up. How awesome. I'm so happy for you and this journey you guys are on!

Mark said...

I love your Mom and Dad.

SquirtyB said...

wow. that made me tear up. so awesome!

Angie said...

i read this 2 days ago, and i still weep when i see it. like a baby. so awesome. it's because your parents know how fantastic you and mic are together. it's just plain obvious and undeniable. xoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Oh crap! That made me cry too and they are not even my parents. I'm so happy for you two - SERIOUSLY... HAPPY!

P said...

that was such a great email from your also made me tear up. Of all wonderful people in our lives we always want the love, respect, and acceptance from our parents the most and when they say things like this it makes us so happy. congrats on becoming foster parents I am so happy for you guys.