Wednesday, July 21, 2010

oh brit.

Another meeting tucked securely under our belts. If we wore them. Apparently fat people don't need them.

That is another rant for another day.

I think we got lil' ol' Brittany to crack a smile. She may be warming up to our quirky ways. Maybe.

Big news? oh yeah. It wont be October that we will be licensed in, it will be SEPTEMBER. Can I get an 0prah "hall-le-loo-yeerr"!!

I have gone into full on panic mode and have group emailed everyone I know that has ever been a parent asking for their advice... and I ask you the same.... What do we NEED? What is a big ol' waste of money? How do you even know which onsies to buy? THERE ARE A TRILLION!! What is the best brand of diapers? Now that the drop side crib crud has been discussed, what about the bumpers-- apparently those are like a big maxi pads ready to suck the life out of a child??? DEAR JEBUS... where in the world do we start????? Do we need one of those tacos???


Anonymous said...

A lot of it will be personal preference. I always liked Pamper$. They seemed to "hold everything" in. I would try cheaper brands and they leaked. Hmmm...bumper pad, can't remember what you are supposed to do. With teeny, tiny newborn, most prefer to be bundled up in their blanket. Oh- a good diaper rash cream! Triple Paste is expensive but AWESOME if your child has a really bad case of diaper rash. I think it's only sold in pharmacies. Not sure though. Otherwise I used De$itin Creamy. (ew, creamy) I'm having a hard time remembering. It will come to me as I think on it more. Don't buy too many onsies yet. You'll get gifts too!

cindyhoo2 said...

Yay! September is very close. Sooooo exciting!!

Will you get an infant for sure or is there a possibility ofgetting an older child?

As for stuff-- I am baffled. My advice though is never buy any baby clothes at full price. I have found so many amazing sales on new stuff and it seems kids clothes are always being marked down. I am a fan of the onesie that transforms into a gown and many have little attached scratch guards for their hands. Yep, now I have exhausted all my baby-stuff-buying wisdom. :)

Mark said...

What does a taco have to with anything? It's been years now since I had a baby but I don't remember tacos being involved.
Listen, you'll be alright. Just buy some pampers, a couple of outfits and some formula and that kid will be just fine. In no time, you'll have bags and bags of hand-me-downs that seem to come out of nowhere.
I'm so excited for you. I think I'm done with babies. It's a young person's game.
Your Friend, m.

Jen said...

Oh C September is so close! I"m so excited for you guys!!! Are you guaranteed to have an infant? How does that work?

I'm with Mark on this one - go with the light essentials first then see what you need after people have gifted you with things.

Yay so exciting!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mark and Jen - the bare essentials and the other stuff will likely be gifted to you. You'll be surprised at how many people come around with their hand-me-downs. :)

That said - I'm so fricken happy for you two!! It is known that September is a popular month for unwanted babies being born because 9 months before that was New Years. I hope that works in your favor...



Wait a min... I was born in September?!

... Maybe I was the small percentage of wanted babies? ;)

Anonymous said...

Both my kids were born in September. 9 months before was just a happy time for us!

jaenkes said...

You don't need half the crap stores try to sell ya! Agreed on don't buy much - you'll get most of what you need in gifts.

Kids consignment stores are the best... I got almost ALL of our son's stuff there until he was about 7... took all his stuff there too!

The book "What to Expect the First Year" is a great resource!